Redmond Senior & Community Center

Project Overview

A new and larger community center is coming to Redmond. This website is dedicated to the Redmond Senior & Community Center, an approximately 52,000-square-foot facility. This project has been rooted in widespread community involvement and support since 2019, and construction started on June 2, 2022.

What's Happening Now?

Construction Update for May 11, 2023

Construction of the roof is progressing, and its completion is the next major milestone. For this roof, tar is poured as a base layer, and then four other materials are layered on top. Over the next month, there may be intermittent, mild odors on dry days as the project continues. This is to be expected as a part of the construction efforts in order to provide a high-quality, long-lasting roof for the project. 

Read more on the Construction Progress page.

Project Timeline

  1. Design Concept
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Final Design
  5. Construction (Current Phase)

Jan. - March 2021

  • Established a vision for the project
  • Developed program adjacencies
  • Develop building and site layout
  • Create the foundation for future phases
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