Redmond Town Center - Zoning Code Text Amendment

Project Overview

A privately-initiated Redmond Zoning Code text amendment for a portion of the Town Center Zone (TWNC) referred to as the Town Center Mixed Use area that includes a specific bonus density table for additional height in exchange for public benefit, along with minor clarifications to Zone design standards. 

  • RZC 21.10.050 Town Center Regulations and Incentive Standards
    • Remove reference to Town Center Master Plan
    • Increase maximum height to 12 stories through incentive program 
    • New section defining exceptional amenities required for additional height
    • Requires a development agreement for additional height
  • RZC 21.62.020 Downtown Design Standards - Town Center Zone
    • Expand Town Center Mixed Use subarea into certain parcels of Gateway Office subarea along Bear Creek Parkway
    • Remove references to Town Center Master Plan
    • Other references related to parking and design standards 

Project Number:  LAND-2022-00254, SEPA-2021-00452  

Project Type:  Type VI Zoning Code Text Amendment


Redmond Town Center - Zoning Code Text Amendment Application

Technical Committee Report

REVISED Subterranean Parking language 10.28.22

Applicant's Concept Massing Images

Notice of Public Hearing - Planning Commission, Nov 2, 2022

Planning Commission meeting materials -

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