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The City of Redmond has an extensive park and trail system throughout the city and portions of King County. The system includes 47 parks comprising 1,351 acres of land in a variety of neighborhood, community, and resource parks. Parks and other destinations are connected by a local connector and regional trails. There are 59 miles of public trails in Redmond, of which 39 miles are owned and operated by the City.

Parks and Trails Amenities Guides:

Check out the available amenities for ALL parks and trails by viewing our printable PDF Parks Amenities Guide, and our printable PDF Trails Amenities Guide.  You can also search for each park or trail name in the search box above to be taken to their web pages to learn even more.

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Visit the Parks page to learn more about the features of Redmond's 47 parks.

Featured Parks

  • Downtown Park is Redmond's urban park that hosts events, buskers, a splash pad, and space for a picnic from a nearby restaurant.
  • Farrel McWhirter Farm Park hosts a barnyard, miles of walking trails, and the picturesque Mackey Creek.
  • Idylwood Beach Park is one of Redmond's most popular parks with playgrounds, swim beach, bbq pits, and picnic shelters.
  • Westside Park is Redmond's newest renovated park that features accessible play features, a zipline, and connections to trails.