Participation, Implementation and Evaluation


The Participation, Implementation and Evaluation Element addresses the requirement to involve the community in the planning process and addresses how the plan is implemented. It also specifies how the comprehensive plan should be monitored and evaluated which can result in potential plan updates in the future. It is different from other elements in that its focus is less on the substance of the plan and more on how the plan is developed, implemented, and monitored.  

Policy Considerations 

  • Provide an equitable, transparent, and accountable planning process
  • Prioritize representation of historically excluded groups
  • Support equitable and effective participation
  • Establish new and strengthen existing partnerships with community-based organizations
  •  Assess impacts to course correct as needed
  • Update evaluation tools to reflect Redmond 2050 themes

Input to Date 

  •  Terms like “citizen” are outdated and should be removed
  •  Discussion of barriers to participation in local planning for non-citizens
  • Create new partnerships
  •  Go to the people 


  1. Odra Cardenas

    Phone: 425-556-2439

  2. Beckye Frey

    Principal Planner
    Phone: 425-556-2750

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