Property Tax Levy

Proposition 1: Property Tax Levy for a Comprehensive Public Safety Program in Redmond

The City of Redmond is seeking additional property taxes to fund new and traditional public safety services to support Redmond’s future. Read below to learn more about Proposition 1: Property Tax Levy for a Comprehensive Public Safety Program in Redmond.

Election Day is November 8, 2022. Remember to vote!

Ballot boxes in Redmond are located at:

  • Redmond City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street
  • Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village, 6505 176th Ave NE 

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What is included in Proposition 1? 

Public Safety Levy_Mental Health Professional Icon

Growing successful partnerships with the Mental Health Professional co-responder

Redmond’s Police Department has one mental health professional (MHP) who teams up with police officers to co-respond to calls, but Redmond Police currently receives more calls than a single MHP can support. This plan provides funding to hire six additional mental health responders to respond with police officers, de-escalate interactions, handle crisis intervention, and help people experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, and substance abuse, and connects them with the right services. A non-police “community response” component will be included.

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Expanding mobile community health services to help people in crisis

The Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program is a cost-effective way to increase the reliability of Redmond’s emergency resources while addressing community needs. It includes EMTs, paramedics, social workers, and mental health and substance abuse professionals who work to better understand the situation and address 911 callers’ needs and concerns, connect people to services, intervene in crises, and provide home safety inspections to help reduce injuries, which lowers trips to the emergency room. The program is currently available for only 40 hours a week – far less than what is needed. This plan includes funding to increase staffing and operate the MIH program 12 hours per day, every day – more than doubling the weekly hours.

Public Safety Levy_Redmond Fire Department Icon

Expanding coverage for fire services in northeast and southeast Redmond
$2.9 million

Redmond’s Fire Department protects over $30 billion in property value with only two fire engines. Station 16 in southeast Redmond and Station 17 in northeast Redmond currently do not have enough personnel to staff a fire engine, called an “engine company.” This plan includes funding to hire enough firefighters to provide engine companies – fully staffed fire engines – to both Station 16 and Station 17, doubling Redmond’s fire suppression capacity.

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Increasing Police Department transparency and accountability through the body-worn camera program

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are using body-worn cameras to promote public accountability and increase transparency in interactions between officers and community members. This plan includes funding to cover the ongoing needs for staffing, training, technology services, records management, public disclosure, and court case preparation only. The levy does not include purchasing body-worn cameras, as the City already owns the equipment.

Public Safety Levy_Redmond Police Department Icon

Expanding police personnel to keep pace with growth and maintain the highest level of safety and security
$1.98 million

In the last 10 years, Redmond has grown by 20,000 residents, but police staffing has remained flat. This plan includes funding to hire 12 additional commissioned and civilian police responders to ensure Redmond's Police Department can continue to respond quickly in times of emergency and maintain the safety of Redmond's rapidly growing community. It will also fund hiring support staff to ensure officers can focus on their job of keeping people safe and responding to calls.

Public Safety Levy_Fire and Police Personnel Icon

Retaining critical staff working to keep us safe
$3.5 million

The 2007 property tax levy approved by voters included funding for 18 firefighters (enough to staff two additional aid cars) and 17 police personnel. Revenue from the levy by law has only grown 1% every year, while expenses due to inflation have increased approximately 5% every year, rapidly outpacing revenue. This plan includes $3.5 million to ensure we can retain those firefighters and police positions.

How would the plan affect staffing?

This plan would increase the overall city staffing, including: 

  • MHP = 600% increase from 1 to 7 FTEs 
  • MIH = 100% increase from 1 to 2 FTEs
  • Fire = 11% increase from 164 to 182 FTEs 
  • Police = 14% increase from 127 to 145 FTEs 

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What is a levy lid lift and why is it needed? 

Washington state limits increases in the City’s property tax revenue to 1% per year, however, city expenses have increased approximately 5% every year due to inflation, rapidly outpacing revenues. A voter-approved levy lid lift allows a city to increase its annual property tax amount by more than the 1% cap. Property taxes are paid by all property owners in the City, including businesses and residents. 

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If approved by voters, what would be the cost to Redmond property owners?

The proposed measure would raise property taxes beginning in 2023 by $0.366 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, which would generate $10.4 million per year for public safety.

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Assessed Home Values
Levy Costs

How much does Redmond currently collect from property tax and how would it change?

The current property tax rate is $0.99 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. If Proposition 1 is approved by voters, the new property tax rate beginning in 2023 would be $1.36 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, a 37% increase. To address inflation, the levy would increase annually by five percent for six years.  

What are levy rates in other King County cities?

City2022 Levy Rate
Mercer Island$0.80397

Rates per $1,000 assessed valuation

Where do my property taxes go?

Property Tax Dollar Allocation Graphic
32.8% to State School Fund, 27.3% to Lake Washington School District, 14.3% to King County, 11.6% to City of Redmond, 3.8% to King County Library System, 2.9% to Emergency Medical Services, 2.9% to Hospital District, 2.1% to Sound Transit, 1.3% to Port of Seattle, 1.0% to King County Flood Control District

Have community members helped to inform this plan? 

Throughout 2022, community members helped inform the Comprehensive Public Safety Plan, including via: 

  • 10 members of a volunteer Sounding Board
  • 400 Redmond registered voters via a statistically valid survey
  • 260+ community members via online/paper/translated questionnaires
  • 40 attendees at a community meeting
  • A variety of individuals and groups representing community-based organizations and city boards and commissions 

Learn about the process and how the community input informed the plan