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We partner with Redmond's Arts and Culture Commission to promote public participation in the arts and to build community. Our art programs provide educational opportunities and support local artists and cultural arts organizations to continue their work in Redmond.


Arts & Culture Office Hours

Free service for Redmond's creative community. Cultural Arts Staff is available to look over art call or grant applications, answer questions around funding, provide resources, support and more through our new office hours. Feel free to drop by or email to confirm a time slot.

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2023 Public Arts Intensive Eastside

Public Art Intensive Eastside is a two-day basic training sponsored by the City of Redmond and open to visual artists who have an interest in exploring the presentation of their work in public settings, community-building or enhancing the built environment. Topics covered include contracting, fabrication, maintenance, and social practice. Plan to spend an additional 8-12 hours outside of the workshops to develop a public art concept for homework. Participants that attend both dates and complete the homework will receive a $100 stipend and be eligible for an exclusive paid opportunity to apply for a temporary public art project for the City of Redmond. 

Workshop Dates: April 22 & 29, 2023 
Workshops will be held in person in Downtown Redmond


We will be holding a Q&A Session at 6:30pm on February 2nd for any questions you might have or feel free to email CulturalArts@Redmond.Gov 

2023 Cultural Arts Operating Support Grant (CLOSED)

The Redmond Arts and Culture Commission recently approved to transition the annual Arts Season Grant to an Operating Support Grant. The City of Redmond will offer limited, unrestricted support to eligible organizations in Redmond whose missions serve the community through access to arts, arts education, and cultural heritage experiences. This program is intended to assist with the attraction and retention of established and emerging arts and culture organizations. In addition to funding, the City of Redmond will provide access to resources and additional support and opportunities for grantees.