Annexation and Regional Planning


The Annexation and Regional Planning Element includes policies that identify ways that the City of Redmond coordinates planning with neighboring jurisdictions and regional bodies. It also guides how the city should annex territory that is beyond its city limits and how it should preserve the Urban Growth Area.  In addition to planning for areas within city limits, Redmond is expected to annex unincorporated areas within the Urban Growth Area that are adjacent to the city. These are referred to as Potential Annexation Areas (PAA). 

First Draft of Updated Policies Available for Review (April 2023)

The first draft of updated Annexation and Regional Planning Element policies of the Comprehensive Plan is available for review. 

The first draft does not contain any narrative or graphics – just policies. The majority of changes are to:

  • Simplify language,
  • Consolidate duplicate policies,
  • Remove policies that are not relevant, and
  • Address countywide planning policies for orphan road annexations and pre-annexation agreements with King County

Policy Considerations

  • Update annexation policies to reflect changes in state law and changes in the amount and nature of Redmond's remaining Potential Annexation Areas

Input to Date

  •  Regulatory differences between King County and City of Redmond?


  1. Odra Cardenas


  2. Jeff Churchill

    Planning Manager