Land Use


The Land Use Element provides information on land use patterns at the city and subarea scale, forming the basis for planning for growth, including needs for transportation, parks and open space, water, and other public facilities and services. This Element adopts the Land Use map and designation criteria. 

Policy Considerations

All Comprehensive Plan policies concerning land use are under review as part of this Comprehensive Plan update. How the City chooses to accommodate growth are key considerations in determining which policies should be considered for revision. Policies will also be reviewed for alignment with Redmond 2050 themes of equity and inclusion, sustainability, resiliency, and being technology forward. Examples would be to applying universal design principles across the development regulations of all relevant land uses or to ensure policies reflect the goals for distributional equity.

Policy review will consider the following:

  • Consolidate and reduce the number of Land Use and Zoning Categories
    • Simplify the land use designation and zoning structure with the goal of increasing flexibility, resiliency, and economic vitality. Simplification and consolidation of similar zoning categories will provide clarity to developers and the Redmond community.  
    • Consider broadening comprehensive land use designations in order to streamline rezoning requests and allow for more flexibility within the city.
  • Maximize the opportunity presented by Transit Oriented Development
  • Review and update Multifamily Urban Designation
  • Expand Mixed Use Development opportunities
  • Evaluate land use barriers to office construction and employment in the Urban Centers
  • Consider and support expansion of neighborhood commercial
  • Review policies and outcomes around neighborhood character

PLEASE NOTE:  The neighborhoods and subarea policies are in the Neighborhoods and Urban Centers chapters of the comprehensive plan.  The City does not intend to revise the Neighborhoods policies unless they're in conflict with other updates.  The city is considering updates to the Neighborhood Plans after the completion of the Redmond 2050 periodic update.

  1. Lauren Alpert

    Senior Planner

  2. Ian Lefcourte

    Senior Planner, Long Range Planning