Natural Environment


Sammamish River PhotoThe Redmond Comprehensive Plan’s Natural Environment Element includes policies related to sustainability and environmental stewardship, green infrastructure, critical areas, tree preservation and landscape enhancement, climate change, air quality, noise, and light pollution.  

The Comprehensive Plan critical areas policies address geologically hazardous areas, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (CARAs), frequently flooded areas, wetlands, water quality and basin planning, and Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas (FWHCAs).

Staff will work with the community to review and update its Natural Environment polices to support the City's goals and the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

Environmentally Critical Areas Policies and the Shoreline Master Program

The Environmentally Critical Areas policies (Section B.) in the Natural Environment Element will be reviewed with the Critical Areas Regulations Update.  

Documents for review

For Critical Areas Regulations updates - staff contacts are Cathy Beam ( and Lauren Anderson (  

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is not being reviewed as part of the Redmond 2050 update.

Policy ConsiderationsRestoration Planting Photo

Draft 2 of the Natural Environment Element is available for Review (October 2023)

The second draft of the updated Natural Environment Element of the Comprehensive Plan is available for review. 

Natural Environment Element - Draft 2

What's new in draft 2?

In addition to the updated policies from draft 1, this draft includes:

  • Added and updated narrative.
  • Miscellaneous revisions of policy language for grammar, clarity, word use, and alignment with best practices.
  • Updated and added narrative and policies to Section B – Environmentally Critical Areas. This section was reviewed and updated separately as part of the City’s update of its Critical Areas regulations.

Next Steps

Draft is available for review and comments this fall. Feedback received will be incorporated into a final draft to be tentatively published winter 2023. The final draft will be reviewed and adopted in conjunction with the Critical Areas Regulations update.

Previous drafts

The first draft of updated Natural Environment Element policies was published June 2023.

Natural Environment Element - Draft 1 | with policy guide to note changes

What's new in the update?

  1. Glenn Coil

    Sr. Planner

  2. Jenny Lybeck

    Environmental Sustainability Program Manager