Community Character and Historic Preservation

The Community Character and Historic Preservation Element of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan provides the foundation for maintaining Redmond’s distinctive character through infrastructure, programming, and zoning.  The policies support design of new development that reflects the value Redmond’s community members place on the community’s form and function. The policies also support design that reflects the diversity of the community. The policies address such topics as the design of streets and pathways, public view corridors, entryways, and the preservation of historic sites and structures.

The community character and historic preservation of Redmond needs to be evaluated as Redmond transitions from a suburb to a city. Policy considerations should focus on the following questions:  

  • How will we redefine community character and neighborhood character to be more inclusive?
  • What are the design standards that are important to be included?
  • What historic properties will be prioritized for preservation?
  • What resources will be dedicated to this effort?
  • Do we want to continue to encourage preservation or have mechanisms for enforcement?
  • Should character and design guideline related policies belong in this chapter or in the centers element where they’re applicable (keep general citywide character policies here)?

Community character should reflect the Redmond 2050 themes of Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Resiliency. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion should be especially explored in the community character polices. 

Community Character Updates

Policy Considerations:

  • Redefine “community character” to be more inclusive. Consider especially updates to policy FW-40 and related policies.  
    • Consider revising policies that prioritize character over goals for equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency.
    • Where policies have been or could be used to exclude segments of our community consider either removing or revising to improve equity outcomes.
  • Update policies for design standards to better reflect the themes of equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency. 
  • Evaluate policies directing the City to balance care for the natural environment while allowing urbanization to ensure that they reflect current community priorities for equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency.
  • Consider policies for building and site design standards that support Redmond’s environmental sustainability objectives such as carbon emissions reduction and greening urban areas.
  • Recognize, celebrate, connect with, and preserve Redmond's heritage, including links to Native cultures. 
  • Consider policies, site and building design guidelines, and partnerships to create Marymoor Village as a pilot universally design neighborhood and for additional housing for community members with disabilities.

Historic Preservation Updates

Policy Consideration:

  • Revise historic preservation policies related to prioritization of projects, as more of Redmond’s building stock ages and meets the minimum criteria for consideration.
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