Implementing the New Plan/Vision

How is the City's Vision Implemented?

Diagram - Vision adopted in Comprehensive Plan; actions in Functional Plans; then implemented

The vision for the City is adopted in the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and thus the Comprehensive Plan is the legal basis for other Redmond functional ad strategic plans (the Transportation Master Plan, General Sewer Plan, etc. - see chart below for some examples), which provide the detailed action plans for how the vision will be implemented when additional details are needed or required by law.  

From there, the Comprehensive Plan moves into the financing and implementation stage, with capital projects, city programs, and regulatory updates to the Zoning Code and the Municipal code if needed.  

Redmond 2050 Related Code Updates

Phase One 

The Redmond Comprehensive Plan updates will include updates to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code. Long Range Planning staff are working closely with the Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite team to coordinate edits and adoptions with their phase 2 updates.

Overlake Zoning Code Updates/Concepts:

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Phase One Code Amendment 
Review and Adoption Timeline

Updates to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code will be required to implement the updated Comprehensive Plan. Over November and December of 2022, staff will be testing code update concepts with community stakeholders.  

Nov-Dec 2022      | Finalize Draft Proposals 

                             Testing Phase / Review

Jan-Feb 2023       | Finalizing Code Amendments

Spring 2023         | Planning Commission Review 

                             Public Hearing

Summer 2023       | City Council Review

3rd Quarter 2023 | Adoption

Anticipated Redmond 2050 phase one code updates include:

Urban Centers/OverlakeTransportationHousingEconomic Vitality
Summary - overview pdf
presentation - general updates, incentive package overview, design guidelines intro
Q&A Board
Summary - pdf, video
Q&A Forum
Summary - pdf, video
Q&A Forum 
Summary - pdf, video
Q&A Forum 
  • RZC 21.04, 21.10, 21.12 (repealed and replaced with rewrite), 21.20, 21.28, 21.32, 21.40, 21.52, 21.58, 21.62, 21.70, 21.78, Appendix 7
  • Implementing transit-oriented development near light rail stations
  • Significant Changes to Overlake, including; 
    • Center boundary expansion

    • Consolidating OV1-5 into a single OV district

    • New OV Urban MF district

    • Development Standards Updates (including taller buildings and FAR revisions, a TOD focus area, and a consolidated tables/figures)

    • Complete repeal and replacement of RZC 21.12

    • New Incentive Package

    • New Overlake Planned Action

    • New International District (in Overlake Village)

  • RZC 21.08, 21.10, 21.12, 21.13, 21.14, 21.17, 21.28, 21.40, 21.52, 21.60, 21.62, 21.68 
  • RMC 3.10  (Impact Fees)
  • Updates related to parking requirements (esp near light rail), transit, street network, pedestrian network, non-motorized connections, Adequate Public Facilities, concurrency, street and access standards,  transportation management programs, sidewalks,  impact fee schedule

  • RZC 21.04, 21.06, 21.08, 21.10, 21.12, 21.13, 21.14, 21.20, 21.36, 21.60, 21.62, 21.67 
  • RMC 3.10
  • Focused on implementing the Housing Action Plan, increasing the diversity of housing options, affordable housing updates, and implementing new state and regional requirements

  • RZC 21.13, 21.14, 21.50
  • Updating regulations related to commercial space (especially affordable commercial spaces), small commercial storefronts, manufacturing zoning, and incentives

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