NE 70th St Improvements (Redmond Way to 180th Ave NE)

Project overview image

Project Overview

This project will extend NE 70th Street from Redmond Way east to 180th Avenue NE to:

  • Improve pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and vehicle connectivity from 180th Avenue NE to the future Marymoor Light Rail Station.
  • Provide an alternative to the busy Redmond Way/East Lake Sammamish Parkway intersection.
  • Support future development in the project vicinity.

general configuration of road

Bicycle Facility Changes:

  • Separated cycle tracks going both east and westbound.
  • Increased visibility of cyclists at intersections
  • Cane-detectable tactile warning strip along the edge of the cycle tract to alert pedestrians

Plans for 70th and 180th

Other Changes:

  • New crosswalk at north leg of intersection of Redmond Way and NE 70th Street to facilitate direct connections for light rail users.
  • Pedestrian island at northwest corner of intersection with overlapping signal phase to stop right-turning traffic and create safe crossings. 

Plans for 70th and Redmond Way