National Public Works Week


National Public Works Week

May 15-21, 2022

This year, the City of Redmond and the American Public Works Association are celebrating National Public Works Week by recognizing that public works staff are Ready & Resilient. A superhero lives within every public works professional. Public works professionals are always READY to serve their communities and RESILIENT as ever in their abilities to pick themselves up off the ground after encountering challenges.

Below, we highlight some of Redmond’s own public works professionals and superheroes. 

Meet Josh Smay

Wastewater TechJSmay2022

As a wastewater technician for the City of Redmond, most of Josh’s days are focused on preventive maintenance. Josh’s team completes 100 manhole inspections every month, looking for damage and other issues. Using a camera truck, they inspect every wastewater pipe in the City and clean them with Jetter and Vactor trucks, catching backups and leaks before they become major issues.

“When someone flushes their toilet or washes something down the sink or another drain, they never have to see it or think about it again… if we do it right, 90% of the time, people never notice us or think about us. Totally behind the scenes.”

When they find damaged manholes or wastewater pipes, Josh’s team is the one to fix them. Josh loves seeing the tangible results of his work, “you can get instant gratification smoothly driving over a manhole that would previously jar your whole suspension system in your vehicle.”

Josh joined the City in 2019 after working as a freelance construction consultant, financial services specialist, and residential electrician. Now he enjoys the comradery of the tight-knit wastewater team, saying we “try to have fun while doing our daily tasks.”

In his free time, Josh enjoys hiking with his three dogs, live music shows, and everything football-related, from his fantasy team to the peewee league he used to coach. 

Thank you, Josh, for all your work behind the scenes to keep the water flowing in Redmond! 

Lost and Found

Public Works Rescues Resident’s Class Ring


Last Thursday, as the wastewater crew was hard at work cleaning sewer lines in North Overlake a resident approached. He’d lost his ring in a nearby storm drain and wondered if they could help retrieve it. While the wastewater crew doesn’t typically work on the stormwater system, maintenance technician Jordan Cary was happy to help. He removed the storm grate and carefully, by hand, removed debris from the catch basin until he was able to locate the ring. Turns out the resident’s ring was from the University of Tennessee where he graduated over 50 years ago, and he was very happy to have it back thanks to Jordan. 

Let’s give a special thanks to Jordan for lending a hand to this resident and thank you to all our staff for all the great work you do every day

Water Main Break

When it comes to water utilities, it’s easy to forget how much is going on out of sight, underground. But some Redmond residents got an exciting reminder a few weeks ago when a water main broke and became a fountain in the street. City of Redmond Public Works staff responded quickly and had the main fixed within hours.


A fountain of water erupts from the center of a residential roadway. A Public Works staff is repairing a broken pipe under the roadway. Opens in new window