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Mosaic-style image of mountains and a lake with salmon in it

2023 Currents of Connection

Poetry connects people and places using images, sounds, and patterns in words. Visit one or all of the locations listed on the map for inspiration to create your own poetry. 

Lake Sammamish is a unique and important environment that has supported life in the region since time immemorial. It is a significant urban refuge site that provides sustenance and shelter for the great web of lifeforms of the Salish Sea, lowland forests, and watersheds.

Self-Guided Walk and Creative Writing Exercise

Pick up a map at City Hall or the Redmond Library or find your own place in nature and use the writing prompts in the online guide found here: Currents of Connection

Image of the projection in Downtown Park featuring salmon and poetry text

2023 National Poetry Month Projection

In honor of National Poetry Month, a one-night-only light installation was created to be viewed on April 29 at Downtown Park. Envisioned by our 2023 Poet Laureate Laura Da’ and in partnership with the Teen Center, Redmond STEM Center, Seattle Design Nerds, and Centro Cultural Mexicano, this projection shared poetry and lyrics written by the youth about our connection to the natural environment.

Meet the Poet Laureate

2022 Welcoming Week: Reading the Landscape of a Poem

This resource is designed to help readers think about poetry and encourage readers who might not feel sure about how to read a poem. There are no right or wrong answers to these prompts, and the reader can pick and choose at will, either responding to each prompt or selecting those that seem most interesting.


Need a poem to use with the worksheet? Former State Poet Laureate, Rena Priest, gave us permission to use The Forest for the Trees for the workshop: The Forest for the Trees

Picture of the Sammamish River with white text that reads "Lyrical Currents"

2022 Lyrical Currents: A Poetic Map of Redmond and the Sammamish River

Use this poetic map to consider the places that shape you on a day-to-day basis. Start small with your neighborhood, your commute, the rooms in your living space, the path of your daily walk, etc. How do the places you visit in your daily life impact your emotions, memories, traumas, and ambitions?

Use your writing to notice the way place, emotion, community, and self intertwine.

Self-Guided Walk and Creative Writing Exercise

Pick up a map at City Hall or the Redmond Library or find your own place in nature and use the writing prompts in the ONLINE GUIDE

2022 Poet Laureate Poetry Walk

2022 Redmond Poetry: Planting Seeds and Inviting Possibilities with Laura Da'

In honor of National Poetry Month, the City of Redmond’s 2022 Poet Laureate Laura Da’ has created an interactive poetry (side)walk called Planting Seeds and Inviting Possibilities that debuted on April 24th at Farrel-McWhirter Park.  

Participant could engage with this unique, free, and family-friendly creative writing experience in any of the ways described below and then share their writing with us on social media by posting a photo and tagging us with #RedmondParks and #RedmondPoetry

Ways to participate in Planting Seeds and Inviting Possibilities:

  1. Before September 2nd participants could show up at Farrel-McWhirter Park and find the trail from the parking lot to the flag pole. Follow the prompts provided by Da’ in the park to guide your own creative writing inspired by the nature that surrounds you.
  2. Find your own spot in nature to write about - your backyard or one of Redmond's parks or trails. Respond to the prompts written here.

No matter how you choose to participate, we would love to see what you create! Share all or some of your writing with us on Facebook and tag us @RedmondParks #RedmondPoetry

  1. 2022-2023 Poet Laureate Laura Da'
  2. Bird's Eye View by Laura Da'

Laura Da HeadshotLaura Da’ is a poet and teacher. A lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Da’ studied creative writing at the University of Washington and the Institute of American Indian Arts. She is Eastern Shawnee. Her first book, Tributaries, was published by the University of Arizona Press and won a 2016 American Book Award. Da’ has held residencies at the Richard Hugo House, Tin House, and Jack Straw. Her newest book, Instruments of the True Measure, is the winner of the Washington State Book Award. Da’ lives near Seattle with her husband and son. Learn more: