Focus - Spring 2022

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Derby Days July 8 - 9

Redmond is seeking to continue to fund responsive and transparent police and fire services, today and into the future, that maintain a high level of service and meet the needs of our evolving city.

Susie Kroll

Meet Susie

Susie is a licensed Mental Health Professional (MHP) who teams up with police officers and co-responds to 911 calls, de-escalating interactions, and helping people in crisis. 

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1,100 INTERACTIONS with community members who needed assistance in 2021.

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376 CALLS co-responded with Redmond Police in 2021.

Liz Downs

Meet Liz

Liz and the Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) team work with community members to reduce risks in their homes and connect them with resources. The outcome is a reduced need to call 911, which allows first responders to address other emergency needs.

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312 CALLS to assist community members in 2021.

Susie Kroll

Meet Officers Downing and Edwards

Redmond Police Department

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25,501 POLICE EMERGENCY CALLS FOR SERVICES to assist community members in 2021.

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3.61 MINUTES average response time in 2021.

Liz Downs

Meet Firefighters Reichle, Steve, and Quinn

Redmond Fire Department

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9,632 CALLS for emergency medical services in 2021

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2,593 CALLS regarding fires in 2021

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6.18 MINUTES average response time in 2021.

View the Public Safety Redmond Connection Videos

Police Redmond Connections Thumbnail - Apr 2022

Meet the Police Department

Fire Redmond Connections Thumbnail - March 2022

Meet the Fire Department

Help Shape the City

Redmond 2050

Redmond 2050

Help identify where to focus the future job and housing growth that is expected between now and 2050.

PARCC Plan Update

Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Conservation (PARCC) Plan Update

Share your ideas about great parks, arts, events, and recreational activities in Redmond.

Budgeting Plan Priorities

Budgeting by Priorities

Participate in determining the 2023-2024 city budget and ensure the final budget supports the services and programs that are most valued and needed in Redmond. 

Coming soon

DEI External Assessment

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion External Assessment

Participate in an upcoming community assessment and contribute to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Coming soon

Light Rail BDS Testing

Sound Transit’s light rail, from Downtown Seattle to the Redmond Technology Center, remains on track and is scheduled to open in 2023. Leading up to the opening, there is about a year of testing that is conducted to ensure that the new line will be ready for passengers. Trains are expected to be on the rails in the livewire testing phase at the Overlake Village and Redmond Technology stations in spring 2022. While this testing takes place, the community can expect to see light rail vehicles on the tracks traveling at the same speeds they would in full operations and hear the hiss of the train as it passes through. Tests will be at night as well, but the passing noise of the train is not expected to be any louder than regular night traffic noise.

Testing the light rail system is an intricate process, involving multiple scenarios with various weather conditions. It begins with basic tests, such as manually pulling a train car to confirm that it clears the under crossings and turns. As the process evolves, the complexity increases. The crews have moved to testing trains with power, which ensures that the train cars connect successfully to the overhead contact system. This phase is scheduled to be finished in late spring 2022. As the tests are being conducted, the team ensures that the measurements match the design and that the systems are functioning as expected. They look to see that the amount of space above a train as it passes under a bridge is where it was designed to be, as well as that the amount of space between the train and platform is just right. They also check that the power fed from nearby grids is distributed how it needs to be and that the trains always maintain a connection to their power sources. The trains are tested to ensure appropriate acceleration, stopping, smooth turns, doors open and close, and that the announcement system functions.

"Seeing the trains rolling in Redmond is a huge milestone for us as a city and for our entire Redmond community,"

said Mayor Angela Birney. “The commitment, planning, and hard work put in by so many is coming to life and is a reminder that when we work together, great things are possible.” With the East Link extension, 14 miles of light rail is being added from Seattle’s International District to the Redmond Technology Station. An additional 3.4 miles will be connected when the Downtown Redmond Link Extension opens in 2024 with stations in Marymoor Village and Downtown Redmond.

Light Rail BDS Testing

SE Aerial Final - RSCC

Flex Space - RSCC

The Redmond Senior & Community Center (RSCC) is expected to open in late 2023. The facility has been thoughtfully planned with integrated sustainability measures, such as LEED certification and rooftop solar panels. The project is in its final design phases reflecting both senior and community priorities including:

  • Senior dedicated spaces, including a lounge, library, and flexible classroom spaces
  • A multipurpose community room, featuring flexible layouts that will accommodate community events, lectures, banquets, cultural events, performances, and other recreational activities
  • Active recreation areas, including flexible gym space, group exercise studio, an elevated walk/jog track, weightlifting, and cardio areas
  • Classroom spaces for art, music, and games

Looking for ways to get involved?

Help Redmond become carbon neutral and ensure the sustainability of our environment by purchasing a solar panel to power up the Redmond Senior & Community Center.

To become a Solar Champion, please visit

Redmond Bike Map

Click the image above for a PDF of the Redmond bike and parks map

May is Bike Month and a great time to go for a bike ride around Redmond’s extensive network of bike lanes and trails, offering easy access to Downtown, neighborhoods, businesses, parks, and even to other cities. The City’s 59 miles of trails and 36 miles of roadway with bike lanes in both directions keep Redmond proudly designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Redmond is dedicated to continuing its bicycle-friendly commitment as it plans for future growth and to support its ongoing goals for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that benefits the community and the environment.

"Each morning I bike to school gives me a chance to get centered for the day. Mentally preparing for lessons while physically limbering up for the daily rigors of middle school. The ride home affords me an opportunity to decompress so as to arrive home feeling pleasantly fatigued."

- Tom Charouhas,
Teacher at Rose Hill Middle School

Go Redmond Logo - WhiteGo Redmond has valuable information for bike riders of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you’ll find helpful resources such as trail maps, video guides, and lists to local bike clubs and businesses.

Parks & Recreation

Parks Spotlight - Summer CampRedmond Summer Camps: Choose Your Adventure

Registration opens:
April 25 at 8 a.m. for residents
May 2 at 8 a.m. for non-residents

When you send children to a City of Redmond Summer Camp, they will play, create, explore, and seek adventure! They will meet new friends, play games, and create lifelong memories. They will zonk out at bedtime and in the morning, be ready to do it all over again. The City of Redmond offers full and half-day camps that cater to young minds and imaginations. We encourage and support the participation of individuals of all abilities in our activities, and it is our desire to make recreational opportunities available to all Redmond residents, regardless of income. 

If you are interested in learning more, please call Guest Services at 425-556-2300.

Parks Spotlight - Westside ParkIt's a Great Day to Play at Westside Park

Recently, Redmond formally welcomed the first playground to open after the City’s extensive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan was adopted in 2019. Westside Park serves as a neighborhood destination for activities and an important connection in Redmond for pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians.

The park now includes a quarter-mile ADA accessible trail loop, multisport court, wooden picnic shelter, pickleball court, revised playground space of accessible play elements including Redmond’s first zip line, as well as other features that create safe spaces for all children to enjoy and self-direct their play.

“It was great to see multiple generations enjoying Westside Park – from small children to grandparents – and to hear the neighbors comment on how great the renovations were!”

- James Kleppe,
Vice Chair of Redmond Parks 
and Trails Commission

Parks Spotlight - Share Your IdeasShare Your Ideas for Redmond Parks and Recreation

Help plan a future where everyone plays!

The Redmond Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Conservation (PARCC) Plan, updated every six years, is due for an update in 2023. Once complete, staff use the plan to guide the development and operations of the Redmond Parks and Recreation Department for years to come. It’s also necessary to comply with grant opportunities for funding from the State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office.

During the last update, the community’s feedback was critical in accomplishing the Westside Park renovation, Redmond Pool updates, ADA transition plan, and approval of the Redmond Senior & Community Center building.

Climate Challenge Team Leader

Become a Climate Action Challenge Team Leader

Join the Redmond Climate Challenge Team Leader Program and help others on their sustainability journey, while making a big impact on our environment! We’ll provide you with the support and coaching you need to encourage others to reduce emissions, save energy and money, and make our community more resilient.

Melissa Spotlight

2022 - 2023 City Council

Redmond voters recently elected Melissa Stuart to serve a four-year term in Council position #4. Councilmember Stuart shared, "I am looking forward to working with my colleagues and other community members to prepare our city for continued growth and progress.” Councilmembers Steve Fields (position #2) and Jeralee Anderson (position #6) also were reelected.

Welcome Councilmember Melissa Stuart


Members of Redmond’s Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) shared how they’re celebrating and honoring Earth Month. ESAC committee members represent a diverse range of experience and expertise and advise city staff on sustainability efforts.

Tammy VyPham

Tammy VuPham

How do you celebrate Earth Month?

I’ll reconsider how I travel throughout Redmond. With the warmer weather, I intend to use less environmentally impactful modes of transport, like biking on the Redmond Central Connector.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

How do you live out the values of Earth Month all year long?

This occurs by modeling sustainable living to others and specifically educating my young son how our everyday actions have a much larger impact than we may see at a glance.

Macy Zwanzig

Macy Zwanzig

What’s your favorite park or trail in Redmond to reconnect with nature?

My favorite park in Redmond is Nike Park. It’s a hidden gem, with fun trails to explore – my kids love playing there!

Anishya Thinesh

Anishya Thinesh

What new actions are you committing to this Earth Day?

I’ll use alternative and more green forms of transportation. It was exciting to receive my license last year, but this year I would like to get around by biking, roller blading, or hiking through Redmond’s amazing trail system.

Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos

What is one simple change we can make today, to reduce our impact on the environment?

Reduce single-use items and avoid small rush online orders. Bringing your own bags, containers, and utensils reduces the amount of waste from single-use and being more deliberate in planning online orders reduces trips for delivery.

Mark Your Calendar

Calendar Event - RidwellFree Styrofoam and Plastic Bag Recycling Pickup

Pickup days are:
Saturday, May 7   |   
Saturday, May 21

In partnership with Ridwell, the City is offering all Redmond residents with a 98052 zip code the opportunity to recycle Styrofoam, plastic bags, and plastic film from their doorsteps. Plastic film includes bubble wrap, some Amazon Prime shippers, clean Ziploc bags, and more. This offer is open to those living in houses, condos, and apartments. It is currently not available for businesses, schools, or other organizations.

Questions? Call 888-982-7885 or email

Note for current Ridwell members only: You will receive free pickup of Styrofoam, and an extra bag of plastic bags and film on May 10 or 24. Be sure to add Styrofoam and extra plastic film to your member dashboard to ensure pick up.

Calendar Event - RepairFree Repair Event

Saturday, May 14   |   10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village
6505 176th Ave NE, Redmond

Don’t throw it away, fix it! The City of Redmond and King County are sponsoring a free repair event to save you money and reduce waste. Skilled fixers will work to repair small household and personal items, as well as mend clothing and textiles. The event is free, but registration is required. One item per person.

For more information and to register, contact event coordinator Tom Watson at or 206-477-4481.

Calendar Event - ShreddingFree Shredding Event

Saturday, May 28   |  9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Bella Bottega QFC Parking Lot
8867 161st Ave NE, Redmond

The City of Redmond is sponsoring a free shredding event open to all Redmond residents. Don’t miss this great opportunity to securely shred documents with confidential personal information. All papers are shredded onsite and recycled.

What to bring: Personal/confidential documents only. Please do not bring junk mail, newspapers, catalogs, or other items that can be recycled at home. No CDs, DVDs, binders, or plastic bags. Please limit your quantity of personal documents to five banker boxes (or equivalent amount).

Who can participate: The event is open to all Redmond residents and is not intended for businesses. For safety, please remain in your vehicle.

Spotlight- CompostFood Scraps Compost Service Available for Apartment Complexes

Did you know the City of Redmond offers food scraps collection at no additional cost for all apartment and condominium complexes? Collected materials are turned into soil for local landscaping in just eight weeks. Currently, over 6,500 apartments and condo units at more than 55 properties in Redmond are participating. The City of Redmond provides all items to start composting, including outside food scraps collection carts with weekly service, and inside food scraps caddies for your kitchen.

If you would like your property to participate, please contact or 425-556-2900 for more information.

Spotlight - Dumpster LidsClose the Lid to Prevent Water Pollution

Do your part to prevent water pollution by always closing your dumpster lid. Open and leaky dumpsters can allow chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants in garbage to mix with rainwater and flow into local rivers, lakes, and streams. Closing dumpsters and garbage bin lids at your home and business is one important step you can take to protect our waterways.

For more information, call City of Redmond stormwater staff at 425-556-2826.

Recycling DirectoryCan This Be Recycled?

Ever wonder which items can go in the recycling? Visit the City of Redmond’s What Goes Where searchable directory to find out what goes in your recycling bin and how to properly recycle or dispose of unique or large items, such as appliances or mattresses.