Climate Challenge Team Leader Program

Do you care about our environment, being prepared for disaster, saving money, and building a healthier and brighter future? Join the Eastside Climate Challenge Team Leader Program! Teams are a fun, easy way to connect with friends or neighbors, learn about sustainability and resilience and take actions that make a difference. No experience required!  


Most people in King County are worried about climate change and want to help, but don’t know where to start. The Climate Challenge Teams program provides a framework that makes it easy to learn about climate solutions and resilience together.

About the Team Leader Program

How it Works

We’ll provide everything your team needs to complete a series of fun and interactive meetings on solution and resilience topics including videos, games, actions and discussions.

Time commitment

1 hour/week

Who will be in my team? 

You decide! Most leaders will invite 4-8 households on their block to join them in taking action. It’s as simple as saying hello and sharing an invite to the launch meeting to get your neighbors involved. You can build an amazing community on your street, get to know your neighbors better, and mutually benefit from a connected block. Or you could work with friends, coworkers, family, members of your book club, running crew, faith community, etc. It’s important they live in the Eastside so you can easily meet, share resources, and work together locally.


What will we accomplish? 

Together, you’ll learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, live healthier, save money, get prepared for disasters, and have a lot of fun along the way.


What are my responsibilities as a Team Leader? 

It’s easy! All you need to do is invite your friends or neighbors to learn about the program and facilitate an initial meeting. After the first meeting, hosting and facilitation is shared and your team will work together sharing responsibilities. You’ll be provided with everything you need for meetings so this will be easy for all! You’ll also be the main point of contact with us for the program if your team has questions. We’ll be inviting team leaders to join together a few times during the program to meet each other, share stories, celebrate successes, ask questions, and learn from each other. Finally, we’ll be here to help, answer questions, and support you along the way!

Ready to get started?

Send an email to for additional tips and resources.