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We are so excited for the City of Redmond's new Senior & Community Center which is scheduled to open in spring 2024. This project has been rooted in widespread community involvement and support for many years, most recently affirmed by the City Council’s unanimous decision in July 2021 to keep moving forward in the design of the building after the completion of schematic design. The total project budget of $44 million dollars was approved at the November 1, 2021 City Council meeting (beginning at 1:09). You can find the latest information and additional renderings of both inside and outside views at More background information on the project can be found here.  

Leave a Legacy

Explore the ways you can invest in the future of the Redmond Senior & Community Center through our community investment information page.

RSC History: Looking Back at the Redmond Senior Center Building 

The new Redmond Senior & Community Center is being built on the former site of the Redmond Senior Center. As we look forward to the new senior center space, programs and people that will bring the new community center to life in 2024, Redmond Senior Programs has continued to serve the community as it operates out of Redmond City Hall. We also chose to honor the legacy of the many years the old Redmond Senior Center (RSC) so robustly served our community and want to take time to recall all the wonderful programs, moments and memories we shared at the RSC. 

Please view this video and be sure to click on the links listed below to view the RSC Memory Book and past videos that captured our programs, events, volunteers and participants who made the senior center a warm and welcoming place for seniors.

Please watch the commemorative video "Redmond Senior Center 1990-2019" by clicking below or from this link (video). The video was compiled prior to the building demolition in 2020 to honor the many years the RSC served seniors and the Redmond Community.

The present defines the future, the future builds on the foundation of the past.

More Videos & Memories

A Fond Look Back at the RSC People and Programs (video)
A Look Back at the RSC Volunteer Program (video)

View the RSC building demolition to make way for the new Redmond Senior and Community Center (RSCC) building project.
RSC Memories - A collection of photos and memories from the many wonderful years at the RSC. (PDF)


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