Redmond Central Connector Trail

Redmond Trails-Bridge

The Redmond Central Connector (RCC) is a 3.9-mile trail corridor envisioned as the artery of the City that links Sammamish, Redmond, and Kirkland and knits together Redmond Town Center, historic Downtown, Grass Lawn neighborhood, and the Willows business district. 

The City purchased the property in 2010 as part of a regional partnership to develop a regional trail system trail that is part of the larger, 42-mile Eastrail. The RCC trail connects the East Lake Sammamish, Bear Creek, and Sammamish River Trails. Eventually it will connect to the Cross Kirkland Corridor north of NE 124th Street.

The first two phases of RCC construction have been completed and include a 2.3-mile regional trail, with park amenities covering nearly 12 acres in Downtown Redmond, the restoration of a trestle crossing across the Sammamish River, and a trail connection between Downtown and Willows Road and the Sammamish River Trail.

Design and construction for the final segment, Phase III, will begin in 2022. Phase III will integrate with the regional trail network and significantly improve pedestrian and bicycle access, as well as provide comfort to thousands of jobs on the Willows Road corridor.  Phase III Construction will begin once the construction of the PSE Sammamish-Juanita Transmission Line is complete.

  1. Phase Three - 2022
  2. Phase Two - 2017
  3. Phase One - 2013

Design begins 2022

The last 1.6 miles of trail will connect Redmond to Kirkland and Woodinville across NE 124th Street. This phase is currently is in the design phase, with construction anticipated to start in 2024. 

  1. Caroline Chapman

    Parks Planning Manager