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Policy Options & Alternatives Considered

The Redmond 2050 Existing Conditions Report identifies policy considerations for updates to the Transportation Element of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan. Staff developed these policy considerations with input from the Planning Commission and many other stakeholders in late 2020 and early 2021. Staff then compiled existing policies and proposed policy considerations in the attached change matrix (Attachment A).

In doing so, staff has identified policy options and alternatives, in other words, areas of tension between two or more policy considerations. These tension points require discussion and ultimately a decision for the most appropriate way forward. The policy options and alternatives are not inclusive of all the policies that will be considered for a topic, but rather are only those policy considerations that have divergent approaches that may be in conflict or require prioritization. Likewise, the potential strategies listed in the options and alternatives documents are illustrative of the types of action that could be taken to pursue that policy direction but are not exhaustive of the range of strategies that may be needed.

Staff identified two tension areas for discussion. The first concerns how new mobility investments should be prioritized. Several policy considerations call for prioritizing investments that, for example, improve access to light rail, complete modal networks, or enhance safety and accessibility. There will not be enough funding to advance every mobility improvement, so how should these be prioritized? The second concerns how Redmond should balance maintaining its existing infrastructure with investing in new mobility improvements.

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Redmond 2050 project staff shared the policy considerations with the public, stakeholders, and boards, commissions, and community partner organizations. A workshop was held and a Lets Connection questionnaire provided additional methods for input to help determine community priorities.

Policy Feedback To Date...

What we heardWhat we did
Prioritize access to centers
  • Reflect in draft pedestrian and bicycle policy
  • Reflect in draft transit policy

Create all ages and abilities facilities

  • Reflect in draft pedestrian and bicycle policy

Build right-sized, cost-effective facilities

  • Reflect in maintenance policy
  • Reflect in streets policy

Provide multimodal access between neighborhoods

  • Reflect in travel choices and mobility policy
Provide first- and last-mile solutions
  • Reflect in transit policy
Pursue maintenance and new connections
  • Reflect in maintenance policy
  • Reflect in travel choices and mobility policy
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