Climate Preparedness

As Redmond works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it must also proactively prepare for a changing climate. From more Climate Resilienceextreme heat events, to increased precipitation and flooding, our region is already feeling the effects of climate change.

The City worked in partnership with experts to complete a climate vulnerability risk assessment to inform Redmond’s climate preparedness efforts. The risk assessment included two elements:

  • The Climate Vulnerability Assessment Report provides a high-level summary of climate change, and its potential effect on Redmond’s population, neighborhoods and business centers, infrastructure, and services. It identifies vulnerabilities as well as planning, programming, and partnership strategies to enhance Redmond’s resilience.
  • The goal of the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) is to create a geospatial tool that synthesizes key climate, environmental, and undefined Opens in new windowcommunity data to inform the City’s work. The CVI sums over 30 indicators of climate vulnerability and identifies which census block groups in Redmond have more or less vulnerability regarding extreme heat or extreme precipitation, relative to other areas in Redmond. It is a planning level tool to help Redmond staff investigate areas in more detail, and then better understand the nuance of a particular community. Explore the Climate Vulnerability Index to learn more!

Climate Preparedness Documents