Learn About the Redmond Lights Art Process

Redmond nurtures an ever-changing mosaic of cultural expression, using art to celebrate and create a sustainable, soulful, and imaginative community.

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Bike Stories Tile
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Selection Process

  • The art for Redmond Lights 2021 was selected through two artist calls. One call was open to the public and closed on October 4. The second was specifically tailored for participants of the 2021 Art Intensive Eastside, a free three-day basic training for visual artists who wish to develop their work for the public realm, but may have some or no public art experience. Twenty-two applications were received. Through a selection panel including a Public Art Intensive Eastside instructor and regional public artist, 13 art projects were sent to the Redmond Arts & Culture Commission for approval on Thursday, August 12. 
  • The Temporary Public Art program serves three main purposes: 
    1. Enhance Redmond Lights, a celebration of a connected and culturally-diverse community 
    2. Activate and illuminate Downtown Park
    3. Offer a platform for Eastside artists to present their works

How to Get Involved

  • The Redmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC) is a nine-member, Mayor-appointed, Council-confirmed advisory commission. The Commission advises the City on arts policies and programming and sponsors programs in tandem with the Redmond Parks and Recreation Department and community organizations. 
  • For more information about RACC, including how to apply, please visit redmond.gov/489/Redmond-Arts-Culture-Commission-RACC.


  • City of Redmond Public Art Master Plan 2016 - 2030, Redmond embraces the idea that innovation in the arts and creative expressions will nurture and sustain community. This plan articulates values, goals, and qualities that guide the achievement of this vision and mission. 
  • View the 2021 Redmond Lights Art Call (closed Monday, Oct 4)
  • The City of Redmond remains committed to being a leader in promoting a culturally inclusive community. We value our diversity, pride ourselves on being a welcoming community, and feel a sense of belonging and safety.  We commit ourselves to engaging in open conversations and creating opportunities for the incredible diversity in Redmond to be expressed through art. The city will not tolerate disrespectful behavior, defacing of public property, or destruction of property.

Redmond welcomes and invites everyone to share in diverse community perspectives through art. Art is intrinsic to Redmond's vibrancy and character, and it is each individual artist's form of expression that allows the community to engage in each other's lived experiences.