Public Works

Our vision is to build a community of connected neighborhoods with vibrant urban centers inspired by nature, powered by innovation, and committed to excellence.

The Public Works department runs a diverse set of programs and services.

  • Environmental Utilities - all encompassing focus of utilities through environmental stewardship.
    • Drinking Water - providing safe, reliable drinking water.
    • Wastewater - providing safe and sanitary collection of wastewater and discharge to the King County regional treatment system.
    • Stormwater - provide collection, flow control, flood prevention/mitigation and water quality protection.
    • Solid Waste - provide safe and reliable solid waste collection and waste recycling services.
  • Transportation Operations and Safety Engineering - engineering focused on the planning, design and operations of city traffic infrastructure with the goal of safely, conveniently and efficiently moving persons and goods.
  • Construction - delivering the City’s capital improvement program to provide the infrastructure and facilities needed to support the City.
  • Maintenance & Operations - managing the maintenance and operations of city assets such as roadways, pump stations, pipes, etc.
  • Right-of-Way - managing the City’s rights-of-way to provide for reasonable public use (transportation, private utilities, etc.) while protecting the City’s infrastructure and public safety.