Evangelical Chinese Church of Seattle

Redmond campus


Welcome to Evangelical Chinese Church of Seattle (ECC)! Our church has two sites, one in Seattle and another one in Redmond.

ECC began as a small group of overseas students and families who met for fellowship on college campuses. Under the leadership of the Rev. Paul Shen, the church was founded in 1967 with the vision to provide fellowship and witness for the Lord to new Mandarin-speaking Chinese immigrants settling in the Greater Seattle area. The Lord has really blessed us to become a multi-generational, multi-language (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) and multi-campus church. In addition, we have planted 3 other churches, one in Tacoma, one in South King County and one in Snohomish.

ECC strives to be a Missional Church.  We seek to help people come into a relationship with Christ, grow and mature their faith through the Holy Spirit, be transformed into His likeness. share God's love with those around us, and be a blessing to others in our community and in the world-all to the glory of God.   


證道堂開始的時候是一個大學區裏留學生及家庭的團契,在1967年由沈牧師的帶領下建立教會,我們的異象是向大西雅圖區說華語的新移民作神的見證以及提供團契。神恩賜我們的教會,讓我們成為一個跨代、多語言(普通話,粵語和英語)跨地區的教會。此外,我們亦在Tacoma, 南金郡和Snohomish 栽植了三個教會。

證道堂竭力要成為一個有使命的教會。 我們靠著聖靈,幫助人們與基督建立關係,使信心成長, 成為基督的樣式,與我們周圍的人分享神的愛, 成為社區中和世界上其他人的祝福, 一切的榮耀都歸於神。