Ken Roepe


Photo by Arturo Ortiz

"aSpire" is a sculpture of consisting of luminous planes surrounding a central spire. The piece represents the human capacity to overcome adversity and aspire to reach greater heights. Shapes that ascend in size and height gives a sense of motion as if climbing towards a shining light. The lighting at the pinnacle of the sculpture responds to sound from participants at the ground level below, thereby establishing a direct connection to human action.

Ken utilizes lighting knowledge and experience in much of his current work. He believes that light can have a profound impact on human experience and he uses light as an artistic medium to create those experiences. “Light requires a symbiotic relationship... Light cannot be seen until it comes in contact with the physical world.” he says. “Without the symbiotic relationship of light and materiality, neither can be fully appreciated”.  Ken believes the interaction of light and material creates a wealth of opportunity for artistic exploration.

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