Tina Velazquez Hays


"A Place that Remembers." is a sculptural assemblage that evokes gatherings and special meals with loved ones during the holidays. The candle lit intimacy and familiarity exploring the duality of love in close relationships; the joy of connection and the pain of loss. Both an inviting presence and noticeable absence, light illuminates aspects of the table and is itself dual-natured, both particle and wave. 

Tina Velazquez Hays is an emerging public artist whose public facing, heart-forward body of work embraces the intersection of art and community. Through the pandemic she has explored the nuanced connection between individuals, and the impact of separation on collective wellness and creative expression. In addition to her public art and studio practice, Tina has worked and partnered with community organizations as an art therapist and mental health advocate since 2009. In these roles she utilizes art as a powerful tool and process in the service of healing. Tina's studio art practice incorporates her interest in imaginary spaces and subjective meaning, using collage and painting to create mixed media still lifes and dynamic and colorful abstract paintings. For more of her work follow her on Instagram @emeraldripple or visit https://tinavhays.com/.