Valencia Carroll

Valencia Carroll Enchanted

A pop-up art gallery created in a transparent, walk-in, dome-shaped tent with decorative lighting that displays artwork depicting all of the ways Redmond residents engage in and experience joy and play in this town. Artwork in this exhibition space is all inspired and created in collaboration with the Redmond community. 

Valencia Carroll is a classically trained graduate of the Gage Academy of Art – Aristides Atelier. Prior to her art training, she also trained and practiced as a board-certified art therapist with families and children. The role of “teaching artist” has given her the space to combine her skill-sets in art and art therapy allowing her to teach art to people of a wide variety of backgrounds while pursuing her own goals as a fine artist. 

Over the years, Valencia has worked as an Art Docent Program Coordinator and Art Docent in the Northshore School District where she has enjoyed sharing the stories and techniques of art and art making with K-5 students and their parents. Valencia has also exhibited, presented and taught at several other locations throughout western Washington including the Washington State History Museum, Northwest African American Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Theatre Group and the Maryhill Museum of Art.

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