Photo by Arturo Ortiz

Growing up in Guahan (Guam) in the early 80s and 90s, one of my favorite memories was seeing butterflies all around my grandparents home. After my Nana passed away, my aunt told me that she had turned into a butterfly, so whenever you see one, you know she was around, protecting you. This video piece is in honor of her and all the butterflies ancestors that visit and protect us throughout our lives. 

Roldy Aguero Ablao is a queer mixed CHamoru artist and cultural practitioner from the island of Guåhan. Currently, Roldy (pronounced like 'rowdy) is freelancing, exploring ceremony and celebration through fashion, performance and drag. They have performed and exhibited in various places, like the Guam Museum, Seattle Art Museum and the Honolulu Biennial. Recently helped begin a queer CHamoru Art collective called Guma’ Gela’, a creative cultural space with homes both in the Mariana Islands and in the Pacific Northwest. Our motto: "Part land, part sea, all ancestry."