Community Involvement

Community involvement is an important element in each of the initiatives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan, as well as all city projects and programs. City Council and staff are continually working to improve and increase opportunities for the community to provide input, and for that input to be incorporated into city work. We are committed to inclusive representation and to emphasizing outreach to historically underrepresented members of our community. 

Community members will review the draft Community Strategic Plan and provide feedback in late summer, 2021. City leadership will then use community input to finalize the document before adoption by Council in fall, 2021. Community members can share their input through the following “opportunities for involvement”.

Community Involvement

Opportunities for involvement:

Council encourages all members of the community to get involved, share their input, and influence city decision-making, through any of the following ways:

(** = share your thoughts on the Community Strategic Plan):

  • Email or call the Mayor and Council **
  • Provide public comments via items from the audience **
  • New! Visit with Council at Community Conversations **
  • Submit feedback through **
  • Request a city presentation or meeting with your cultural, faith, or non-profit organization **
  • Follow, share, and comment on social media **
  • Watch or attend Council meetings
  • Sign up to receive city eNewsletters
  • Volunteer with boards and commissions
  • Participate in the city’s budget process
  • Volunteer with city events
  • Join stakeholder groups

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Redmond’s decision-making is informed by robust community involvement that meaningfully and effectively engages the community early and often, focusing on key topics of interest in a manner that is equitable, barrier-free, and recognizes the needs and interests of both the community and the City.

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The Community Strategic Plan is nationally recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) through receiving an Award of Excellence for its contribution to the practice of government finance that exemplifies outstanding financial management and long-term planning.

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Community Strategic Plan progress updates will be provided every six months.