Executive Summary

Realizing Redmond’s Long-Term Vision

This community strategic plan provides the work plan for the City and guidance for the City’s programs and services. It includes strategic initiatives with associated objectives, strategies, measures, and actions that will be implemented within the community over a specific time period. The major initiatives were derived from the Budgeting by Priorities process and reflect the community’s involvement and feedback throughout the process.

The City’s first Community Strategic Plan (CSP) was adopted by Council in October 2019. The plan has since been revised every year to include changes and enhancements to the major initiatives. In this latest revision, the CSP incorporates additional community feedback from the 2023-2024 budget, updates the initiatives such as adding the Public Safety, improved performance metrics, 2022-2023 Council retreat action items like Vision Zero goals, and 2023-2024 budget objectives.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) envisions a Redmond where all have access to city services, can influence city decision-making, and feel a sense of belonging. The initiative will seek to provide excellent service, encourage cross-cultural interactions, and strengthen relationships with diverse communities. The strategies of the DEI initiative include:

  • Develop a two-year workplan that focuses on community programming, organizational policies, practices, and incorporates the Respect. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion (R.E.D.I.) strategic initiative, and 
  • Align DEI best practices to meet the growing needs of our communities, and
  • Uphold the values of inclusion and belonging that city leadership has committed to through resolutions and actions toward making Redmond a hate-free zone.  

Redmond will continue its commitment to Environmental Sustainability through a healthy and sustainable environment for all generations. Consistent with Council’s climate emergency declaration and the City’s Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, this initiative focuses on achieving carbon neutrality for city operations by 2030 and citywide by 2050 as well as enhancing the health and resilience of Redmond’s natural resources. Some of the strategies the City will utilize include:

  • Reduce Redmond’s greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation, and
  • Protect and enhance Redmond’s natural resources.

Redmond seeks to provide and promote a variety of Housing Choices to enhance community livability. The City is committed to increasing the overall supply and diversity of housing while at the same time meeting King County growth targets and affordability goals. The strategies the City will focus on include:

  • Increase the overall supply of housing and provide access to more affordable homes, and
  • Diversify housing stock to provide housing for a variety of income levels as well as support housing needs and supportive services for those experiencing homelessness.

Infrastructure supports a connected and multi-modal environment that invests in long-term infrastructure that is smart and green. The initiative affirms Redmond’s commitment to preservation and replacement, economic and community vitality, and technology systems that align with city business. Infrastructure strategies include:

  • Develop and implement a six-year CIP with proactive project prioritization and alignment of delivery commitments with funding and resource capacity.
  • Provide excellent stewardship of existing city infrastructure, ensuring assets are well maintained and reliable.
  • Continue to strategically leverage funds by working in partnership with other agencies and the private sector.
  • Utilize functional plans and Redmond’s Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) as the primary sources of planned capital investment.
  • Promote economic vitality through the Redmond Partnership Network continued recovery efforts. 
  • Maintain technology security programs that align industry best practices.
  • Implement a data analytics solution which allows for reporting across business environments.
  • Implement Vision Zero as part of a comprehensive effort to strive to achieve zero traffic deaths and serious injury on Redmond streets.

Protecting all community members in an equitable, inclusive, compassionate, and timely manner is the vision of Public Safety. Our community will continue to be healthy by creating a proactive plan to connect vulnerable community members to resources that reduce call volume and continue to create a wholistic community health program and support alternatives to incarceration. In addition, the City will continue to implement and enforce building and fire codes and improving safety for pedestrians, bicycles, and motorists. Strategies to achieve the vision include:

  • Expand alternative crisis response including, Mobile Integrated Health (MIH), homeless response, and mental health response while continuing to partner with King County District Court for the continued operations of Community Court in Redmond.
  • Forecast, prepare, and adopt international building and fire codes.
  • Manage urban forest interface through continued fire protection systems.
  • Identify highest risk locations and develop countermeasure strategies for accident-prone areas.

The Mayor, City Council, city staff, and community work together to support and serve Redmond through services and amenities, involvement opportunities, and by creating an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming community. The Community Strategic Plan seeks to carry out the citywide vision in alignment with other city plans and strategies.

City of Redmond

A strategic plan provides a roadmap to the city’s major community-based initiatives. It includes programs with associated objectives, strategies, measures, and actions that will be implemented within the community over a specific period.

Alignment of the organization’s vision, mission, and priorities today provides the roadmap to create a better Redmond in the future.

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Mayor's Vision

A connected community that enhances livability and sustains the environment, and that places Redmond as a leader locally, regionally, and nationally.

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Healthy and Sustainable
We value a healthy environment that supports an active community

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Safe and Resilient
We value a thriving community where all people feel safe

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Vibrant and Connected
We value a well-planned and supported community that provides a sense of place

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Strategic and Responsive
We value a city that is welcoming, innovative, and has a continuous learning culture 

Fiscal Responsibility

Underlying Redmond’s programs and services are financial strategies and plans that inform and support strategic decision-making. Financial policies, the long-range financial strategy, and the City’s biennial budget provide the framework to align financial capacity with long-term service objectives. 

Currently, the City is implementing a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to improve Redmond’s multimodal connectivity, protect the City’s long-term infrastructure investment, enhance safety, and continue optimal performance of infrastructure over time. Redmond is analyzing other revenue enhancements to close the gap between revenues and expenditures, such as studying user fees for full cost recovery and analyzing other potential sources of revenue.