Environmental Sustainability


A Redmond that creates a healthy, sustainable environment for all generations and conserves our natural resources, affords a high quality of life, and draws from scientific evidence-based data.



Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and enhance the health and resilience of Redmond’s natural resources.

Strategy #1

  • Reduce Redmond’s greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. 


  • City of Redmond greenhouse gas emissions (metric tons).
  • Percentage of waste diverted from the landfill.


  • Implement the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan and Council's 2020 Climate Emergency Declaration objectives.
  • Implement policies and programs to increase waste diversion.  
  • Implement strategies to achieve carbon neutrality for city operations by 2030, in alignment with the Climate Emergency Declaration. 
  • Develop policies and other programs to promote green building and environmentally sustainable practices in the Redmond community. 

Strategy #2

  • Protect and enhance Redmond’s natural resources. 


  • Percentage of total Redmond land area covered by tree foliage. 


  • Complete a climate vulnerability assessment to understand the infrastructure and populations in Redmond that will be most impacted by climate change.  
  • Implement the Tree Canopy Strategic Plan. 
  • Protect and restore degraded streams and wildlife habitat with projects such as Salmon recovery and conservation, culvert replacements, and the Watershed rehabilitation.
  • Responsibly manage the city’s groundwater resources.