Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


A Redmond in which all residents can fully and effectively access city services, influence city policy and direction, and feel a sense of belonging and safety.

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Establish and support strategic practices that increase our City’s ability to provide excellent services, encourage cross-cultural interactions, and strengthen our relationship with our diverse communities.


  • Develop a five-year strategic plan that focuses on organizational and community programming consistent with current organizational alignment work of respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion (R.E.D.I.).
  • Align best practices that support the development, resiliency, and post-COVID-19 recovery of our growing and diverse community (i.e., Human services and businesses) 
  • Develop policies that help advance the City's commitment to being an inclusive community and a welcoming place for all. 
  • Work to identify and eliminate resolutions, policies, and procedures that have historical and current racist, prejudicial, biased, and discriminatory implications. 


  • Community satisfaction rating.
  • Number of staff and members of boards, commissions, and committees receiving training on respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion (R.E.D.I) and anti-racism and social justice.
  • Percentage of staff, members of boards, commissions, and committees who identify as part of an under-represented community.


  • Identify and establish collaborations and partnerships with diverse groups, businesses, and organizations to ensure a safe, resilient, and engaged community, including DEI strategic plan to define racism and equity to support Redmond’s unique characteristics.
  • Continue to provide programming in the form of trainings, celebrations, events, activities, coalition building with neighboring cities and community groups, develop opportunities for cross-cultural interactions, and implement welcoming city practices.
  • Promote equity through effective and strategic communication practices, deliberate collaborations, and an inclusive and respectful organizational culture.
  • Enhance the racial equity toolkit for policy-making purposes.
  • Support the implementation of DEI best practices to meet the growing needs of our communities and organization through participation in regional coalitions and initiatives and compliance with ADA and Title VI.
  • Expand community outreach and engagement efforts by establishing a community advisory group, targeted outreach, and diversify community partnerships.
  • Inform city practices, procedures, and policies to align with DEI objectives; identify potential barriers or challenges and opportunities.