Small Business Displacement

Resources for businesses impacted by redevelopment:

Small Business Development Center (SBDC):

  • 1:1 support in updating business plans needed to qualify for grant and loan assistance.
  • 1:1 support to review lease renewals and negotiations.


  • 1:1 meetings to connect business operators with free target services.
  • Costar Pull free of charge to review available commercial space by area, size, and price.
  • Networking support with local landlords

City of Redmond:

  • Free of charge pre-applications to review tenant improvements for new spaces.
  • Connections to services and programs.

Efforts by the City to reduce displacement of local businesses by redevelopment include:

  • Since 2018, Redmond has begun using development agreements to negotiate commercial space set-asides for local businesses in perpetuity, and for the relocation of businesses in structures being redeveloped. Through these efforts new local business space was made available in Marymoor Village and three businesses in Overlake were able to relocate to renovated parts of a development. A new redevelopment project is currently under review in Marymoor that will be incorporating similar measures to preserve local micro and small businesses.
  • Staff reviewing redevelopment projects work directly with applicants to identify opportunities for future projects to mitigate displacement impacts to businesses located within a project site.
  • As part of updates to the City’s Zoning Code, staff have proposed amendments that would incentivize local business preservation by allowing increased height or density in return for the provision of restricted commercial space for use by local businesses. This strategy along with the development agreements place restrictions on commercial space that keep them more accessible to Redmond businesses.
  • The City has contracted with external experts to meet 1:1 with over 150 local businesses to identify the operational and monetary impacts resulting from redevelopment, including light-rail. Based upon the feedback received, the City will be prioritizing available resources to respond to identified impacts. In addition, external partners have also been contracted to work alongside businesses facing displacement to provide 1:1 lease negotiation support for current or new leases and connections to services including relocation grants and siting assistance when needed.
  • During the past year City staff have been working directly with business operators and property-owners throughout the community to setup meetings on potential relocation options with the goal of retaining as many legacy businesses as possible and helping to build connections within the community.
  • At this time, staff and Council are reviewing ways that the American Recovery Plan Act dollars can be deployed to retain and respond to businesses in need and support community resiliency.