Parks, Arts, and Culture

Required Updates

The Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture and Conservation Element helps achieve Redmond’s vision for the future by helping to maintain the community’s high quality of life, and meeting the City’s recreational, social and cultural needs for a diverse population with changing interests and needs. At a high level, required updates to the PARCC element implement, and are consistent with, the Capital Facilities element as it relates to park and recreation facilities. Updates include: Downtown Park Image 4

  1. Estimates of park and recreation demand for a ten-year period 
  2. An evaluation of facilities and service needs 
  3. An evaluation of intergovernmental coordination opportunities to provide regional approaches for meeting park and recreation demand. 
  4. Policies for locating community facilities and services, including civic places like parks, schools, and other public spaces, in centers and near transit, with consideration for climate change, economic, social and health impacts. 

The PARCC element is coordinated with the Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture & Conservation Plan (PARCC Plan), which provides specific implementation strategies to carry out these policies. The Plan is also used as a functional plan to meet WA Growth Management Act requirements for park and recreation capital facilities. 

The PARCC Plan is updated every six years to comply with requirements for funding from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). The updated PARCC Plan is scheduled to be adopted by Council in late 2023.

More information about the PARCC Plan can be found at

The final draft of the PARCC Plan (March 2023) is available for review and is before the Planning Commission to ensure consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.

Final Draft - PARCC Element - available for review

The final draft of the updated PARCC Element is ready for review (published May 2023)

The final draft of update PARCC element policies are ready to review. (published March 2023)

  • This policy crosswalk shows how the PARCC element policies support the strategies and actions found in the updated PARCC Plan.

Additional notes on this PARCC element update

This Redmond 2050 update represents a major refresh of the PARCC Element. The current adopted PARCC Element (2017) contains two framework policies supporting ten sub-sections consisting of 65 policies. 

The draft has been revised into four framework policies, which contain 17 supporting policies. The draft also maintains Shoreline Master Program policies. 


The Redmond Planning Commission recommended at its June 28, 2023 meeting that Council adopt the updated PARCC Element and PARCC Plan, and approved its Report on July 12, 2023. 

City Council will then begin its final review in the Fall, with adoption tentatively scheduled for December 2023.

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