This is a first draft based on what we have heard from the community so far. Once you've read the draft, please let us know if you think we are on the right track by answering this short 5-minute questionnaire.  

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Policy Summary

  • The draft Transportation Element guides all transportation programmatic, regulatory, and capital investment decisions.
  • The draft update is organized around the following major strategies: orienting around light rail, maintaining transportation infrastructure, improving travel choices and mobility, and enhancing freight and service delivery.
  • It also incorporates the Redmond 2050 themes of equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency.  

What you said 

  • Prioritize access to Downtown, Overlake, and Marymoor Village
  • Build right-sized, cost-effective facilities for people of all ages and abilities
  • Provide multimodal access between neighborhoods
  • Provide first- and last-mile solutions
  • Invest in maintaining the system we have and building new connections

What's New In the Transportation Element

The draft Transportation Element responds to community priorities as well as state, regional, and county requirements.

  • Equity is emphasized, for example in preventing and mitigating displacement, and in minimizing the negative health and environmental impacts of the transportation system.
  • New language prioritizes the safety, comfort, and convenience of pedestrians and bicyclists – those who are most vulnerable.
  • The draft element incorporates objectives and strategies from the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan such as greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.
  • The policies call for connecting neighborhoods to each other, and connecting to bus and rail transit, exploring both traditional and innovative methods.
  • There is a renewed emphasis on maintaining the system in a state of good repair for all users. 
  • The policies call for development of a Transportation Master Plan that incorporates equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency.

Next Steps

Community and stakeholder comments will be used to create a draft 2.0 this summer.  

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