Draft Housing Policies Available for Review

Final Draft for Planning Commission Review

   This is the draft that the Planning Commission is considering for recommendation to        the City Council. A public hearing is scheduled for August 9, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. See          public hearing notice for additional information.

Second Draft

The second draft is based on comments received from the community and Redmond boards and commissions after reviewing the first draft policies. 

First Draft

The is a first draft based on what we have heard from the community during the visioning phase and existing conditions review. 

Questions?  You can reach our team at Redmond2050@redmond.gov or email Ian Lefcourte, Redmond's Housing Planner.

Next Steps

  • The state will be issuing housing targets for income ranges in the Fall of 2022.  Additional updates will be needed to respond to the targets.  
  • The City has hired a consultant to complete a review and update of the MFTE program.
  • Housing related code updates are underway in coordination with the Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite. pdf, video, Q&A Forum 

Policy Summary

  • Housing is fundamental to a high quality of life.
  • The Housing Element affects housing supply, housing choices, and housing affordability.
  • Policies that enable us to meet regional growth targets.
  • The element integrates themes of equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency into housing practices, regulations, and partnerships.

What you said

  • Allow more housing types across Redmond
  • Preserve existing affordable housing opportunities
  • Support housing affordability
  • Foster equitable housing opportunities
  • Grow home ownership opportunities
  • Improve the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of housing and other buildings

What's New in the Housing Element

The draft Housing Element responds to community priorities as well as state, regional, and county requirements.

  • The draft policies emphasize housing affordability and diversity, consistent with the 2021 Housing Action Plan.
  • The draft element calls for expanding opportunities for affordable homeownership options such as multiplexes and backyard homes.
  • The draft policies call for eliminating racial and other disparities in housing and neighborhood choices by identifying and removing barriers over which the City has control. 
  • The draft element incorporates sustainability strategies from the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan.
  • The draft updates bring City housing policy into alignment with new state legislation concerning emergency housing, permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, and emergency shelters.
  • The draft policies promote inclusion through visitable housing, universal design, and other tools.

Planning Commission and Council Review

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing Date: 8/9/2023

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  1. Ian Lefcourte

    Senior Planner, Long Range Planning

  2. Brooke Buckingham

    Human Services Manager