Overlake Updates

What's Changing in Overlake?

Overlake is continuing its path to realizing the community's vision as a vibrant center that accommodates efficient growth while preserving single-family neighborhoods. Private and public investments are creating a dynamic place with opportunities for jobs, recreation and housing. 

Overlake updates in Phase 1 of the Redmond 2050 project (anticipated adopted in mid 2023) include:

  • Updating the Overlake zoning districts, development regulations, and incentive packages
  • Rezoning of properties around the light-rail stations
    (Light rail will connect the neighborhood to the region beginning in 2023)
  • Metro Center boundary expansion and related rezoning
  • Creating a new SEPA Planned Action to complete an area-wide environmental review of growth expected to 2050
  • Finalizing and adopting of the Overlake South Infrastructure Plan
  • Updating to the Redmond Comprehensive Plan, Urban Centers Element
  • Creating an Addendum to the Overlake Neighborhood Plan (and PSRC Centers re-certification)


icon-speech-bubbles-conversationOVERLAKE DRAFT POLICIES

We developed a first draft of updates to the Urban Centers chapter of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan based on feedback we've heard so far, with updates to growth centers policies applicable city-wide and updating the Overlake Neighborhood policies. 

We've heard from you that:

  • Enable a future that is equitable and inclusive, sustainable, and resilient; 
  • Maximize the opportunities of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) near the new light-rail stations; 
  • Reduce the number of Land Use and Zoning categories to simplify and streamline development review and approvals;
  • Remain aware of displacement as growth and development occurs - retaining small businesses is important (particular concern for the ethnic businesses in Overlake Village); and
  • Need to accommodate families and seniors (housing units, services, and amenities).

Once you've read the draft, please let us know if you think we are on the right track by providing comments to Redmond2050@redmond.gov

Overlake Code Updates Package:

Due to the size of the Overlake regulations package and the Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite elements that will be going forward with the Overlake Code Package, we have broken them up into three sets of regulations for review and recommendation.  The packages will go to public hearing as follows:

Part 1 of 3 – This set, going to public hearing on August 9:


Part 2 of 3 – going to public hearing on August 23:


Part 3 of 3 – public hearing date on December 6:

Comments Summary (thru 2-15-23)

  1. Refining the Vision
  2. Policy Updates, Options & Alternatives
  3. Regulatory Updates
  4. Overlake Planning History

Refining the vision for Overlake

As we start to plan for the future of Redmond, we’re looking at several questions specifically related to the future of Overlake -- to accommodate growth and maximize the benefits of the two new light rail stations.  Starting in the summer and fall of 2021, we’ll begin meeting with community members and stakeholders on several issues that will impact this community.  Those conversations will include:

  • Identifying highest and best uses and design standards for properties in close proximity to the light rail stations (What does transit-oriented development (TOD) look like in Redmond?);
  • Planning TOD areas to ensure equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency (will impact Downtown and Marymoor too);
    • What does that look like physically, and what development standards, performance metrics, services/amenities, incentives and/or partnerships are needed to realize that new physical reality? 
    • What do families need in high-rise living situations? 
    • How do we ensure equitable outcomes (e.g. so that those with disabilities can truly have access to units in TOD buildings, etc)? 
    • What kind of neighborhood features are needed for adults with intellectual disabilities? Autism? Etc. 
    • What would we need to change in our codes to make that happen?
  • Neighborhood character and preservation of the "international" cultural feel of the area; and
  • Neighborhood services needed for existing and future residents. 

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Accommodating Growth in Overlake Workshop

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Incentive Package Updates

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Materials from 8/2/23 Workshop

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