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City Facilities Reopening

Reopening of City Facilities

The City of Redmond reopened city facilities, including City Hall, on Thursday, July 1. Facilities are currently open to the public between 10 a.m. and 3 p .m. Monday through Friday. The safety of the community and city staff is the top priority for Redmond and is the overriding goal of the city’s five-stage Stay Safe Reopening Plan.

Photo: Familiar faces around City Hall from left to right - Arts and Culture Commission Chair Angie Hinojos, Senior Programs Administrator Marty Boggs, City Council President Tanika Padhye, Mayor Angela Birney, Planning Commissioner Roy Captain

All participants pictured are vaccinated.

View Redmond's Stay Safe Reopening Plan

Redmond Senior and Community Center

Designed by the Community for the Community


Schematic design is underway for a new, larger, and enhanced community center in the heart of Downtown Redmond. Through an extensive public involvement process, the schematic design reflects the priorities, voice, and needs of the greater community to build a facility that reaches across all ages and cultures. 

The City engaged the community through four targeted outreach campaigns over two years and heard from a variety of stakeholders and community members who collectively affirmed the need for: 

  • Dedicated senior center space
  • Expanded community center amenities
  • Welcoming and universally accessible to serve all community members
On July 20, 2021, City Council voted 6-0 to fund the design and construction of a new 51,290 square foot Redmond Senior & Community Center. Thank you to the many stakeholders and community members who gave input on and advocated for this project. The facility is estimated to open in late 2023.

Learn more about the Redmond Senior & Community Center.

“The Redmond Senior and Community Center will provide our displaced seniors an enhanced and flexible space, as well as much needed community space.”

LouAnn Ballew, Co-Chair Senior Advisory Committee

“It’s an accepting place for all teens and makes me feel like I am a part something greater.”

Tanzil, Member of Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee and 
Redmond Senior and Community Center Stakeholder Advisory Committee

“It’s gratifying to watch the design process play out with many of the elements suggested by the community such as the blending of indoor and outdoor space, improvements in accessibility, and a facility that supports real human connections.”

Alison Peters, Public involvement project consultant, 2016-2021

Community Center Yoga

Community Center Weightlifting

Community Center Gardening

Community Center Seniors

Redmond Technology Station artwork

Local Artists Elevate Experience for Light Rail Passengers

When light rail begins servicing Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood in 2023, riders will experience more than fast, convenient connections throughout the region. Sound Transit commissioned four artists for the Overlake Village Station and Redmond Technology Station.

Learn more about the Sound Transit's light rail project and sign up for project updates:
Downtown Redmond Link Extension
East Link Extension (Overlake)

Leo Saul Berk - Verdant

Leo Saul Berk
Overlake Village Station

The first translucent leaves of spring cast emerald light on the forest floor, reminding us that another season of growth has arrived. Along this bridge, Redmond’s natural areas are hand-painted in the palette of green phosphorescent monitors with marks evoking low-res graphics of early computers.

Yuki Nakamura - Title to be Determined

Yuki Nakamura
Title to be Determined
Overlake Village Station

Nakamura will scatter a collection of colorful, organically shaped concrete sculptures that people will lounge on as they wait for the train. These polished, highly refined objects will be most visually appealing during the wettest months of the year, when the rain will make their colors extra vibrant and animate the station area during the darkest months of the year.

Kate Sweeney - Journey and Connection

Kate Sweeney
Journey and Connection
Redmond Technology Station

The algorithm known as the Apollonian Gasket serves as the organizing structure of Sweeney’s work – a nod to the technology community surrounding the station. The algorithm, named after the mathematician Apollonius of Perga, is a fractal generated from a collection of tangent circles contained within a single larger circle. The sculptures hang like clouds over the bus transit area, creating a lively and engaging space for patrons transferring between buses and light rail.

Dan Webb - Move Your Boulder

Dan Webb
Move Your Boulder
Redmond Technology Station

Webb’s sculpture is a grouping of three stacked boulders, each seemingly being pushed inward by an immense carved hand. Webb writes “Life is filled with limits, and limits inspire creativity. Those limits are the metaphorical boulders that pepper our path, and each of us, in our own way, through trial and tribulation, learns to move them.”

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Community Approach to Recovery

The City of Redmond created a COVID-19 recovery team and began working with local businesses and non-profits right away to make plans for overcoming many of the devastating economic challenges COVID-19 brought to our region. 

Centro Cultural Mexicano

“Centro Cultural Mexicano is thankful for the support we received through the City of Redmond and OneRedmond which has allowed us to continue to serve the Latino community, and others, with rent assistance and bilingual access to resources throughout the pandemic. We vaccinated 402 community members in May at our location and appreciate the City of Redmond’s support as a trusted partner in finding equitable solutions to the challenges we face as a community.”

Angie Hinojos, Centro Cultural Mexicano Executive Director

Redmond's Bar & Grill

“The ‘streatery’ program allowed us to continue serving customers in a safe manner. We are grateful to have such a supportive community that helped us weather a tough year.”

Tim Short, Redmond Bar and Grill Owner


“We are very grateful for the support of the Redmond community who continue to come to see us and order food despite all of the restrictions and changes driven by COVID-19. Having that outdoor seating has been a lifesaver for both restaurants.”

Tony Scott, Woodblock and Spark Pizza co-owner

VCA Animal Hospital Banner

VCA Redwood Animal Hospital Recycles and Reuses

VCA Redwood Animal Hospital (VCA) staff have dedicated themselves to recycling efforts that go beyond the bin! Their efforts include:

  • Safely disposing of fluorescent light bulbs through mail-in boxes provided by local recycler EcoLights
  • Managing hazardous waste through the King County business waste disposal program 
  • Responsibly recycling electronic waste through a local electronics recycler 
  • Donating unwanted kennels and pet carriers to local animal shelters for reuse

If you have a question on how to dispose of something, want recycling posters, or are interested in staff training to help your team recycle better and reduce waste, please call Redmond’s solid waste team at 425-556-2900 or email

Learn more recycling

Redmond’s WSRA Winners for Recycling

Congratulations to these Redmond businesses who won the Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA) award two years in a row!

The Luke Apartments
2021 WSRA Recycler of the Year Award

Uncle Harry's Natural Products
2020 WSRA Retail Recycler of the Year Award

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Summers in Redmond! 

Play, stay, eat, and sip local, and enjoy Redmond’s parks, trails, events, and fun things to do all summer long.

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Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Please remember that fireworks are not allowed in Redmond. Report illegal fireworks to Police non-emergency, 425-556-2500.

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Take Simple Steps to Protect the Environment This Summer

Learn eco-friendly changes you can do at home, including the six simple steps of natural yard care and the best way to protect the environment while washing your car. 

Keep Redmond clean and green

Playful IconCome Outside and Play

The City is continuing to carefully reopen park amenities, in-person services, and programs in alignment with local safety guidelines. We urge all visitors and park users to follow the most current safety requirements outlined by the federal, state, and local public health agencies. 

Full Parks reopening plan