The City of Redmond operates and maintains an extensive system of 47 parks comprising 1,351 acres of land in a variety of neighborhood, community, and resource parks. 

Community parks

Redmond's Community Parks include a variety of active amenities such as sports fields and courts, playgrounds, picnic shelters, and more. These larger parks often also contain natural habitat and trails. Support infrastructure may include parking, restrooms, and lighting. Redmond has 5 parks that are classified as "community parks":

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Find park amenities

There are three ways for you to learn more about what each of Redmond's parks has to offer:

  • Use the search bar above to search for a park name and read more on that park's dedicated web page
  • Download the printable PDF Parks Amenities guide
  • Click on each of the amenities types below to learn which of Redmond's parks contains playgrounds, water access, sports courts, and much more!