Continuous Improvement and Development Services Amendments

Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite

Amendment Purpose

This amendment package will introduce clarity and transparency to the City’s Development Service Center (DSC) customers and the community. The amendments will strengthen the cost recovery of DSC services, support alignment between decision making and permit types, and further streamline the permitting experience.

The amendments to the RZC 21.76, Review Procedures, are proposed to:

  • Support process improvements
  • Codify processes not currently with the code
  • Align permit review decisions with permit types
  • Remove unintended process conflict
  • Increase accuracy and transparency of processes
  • Enhance the overall customer and community experience related to development services and permitting

Project Actions and Milestones

Project Actions and Milestones
Date Milestone Action
Tbd   This package is pending proposal for amendment
March 2021 Amendment Development Drafting amendment language
February 24, 2021 Planning Commission Project briefing regarding scope and anticipated schedule

Setting a Foundation for the Future

A periodic update to Redmond's Comprehensive Plan is also underway to reflect the vision for 2050.  Future updates to the Zoning Code will be necessary to ensure consistency with the Comprehensive Plan's policies.  Additional updates will also be necessary as new policies are reflected in the City's functional plans such as the Transportation Master Plan; Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Conservation Plan; Environmental Sustainability Action Plan; and other such plans.  

The 2020 - 2021 amendments will provide a clear, concise, and improved zoning code upon which the subsequent amendments will be provided.

Become a Party of Record

Submit your contact information including your name, business name, address, phone, and email Sarah Pyle.  You will receive updates regarding the Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite as it proceeds. (RZC 21.78 Definitions - Party of Record)