Professional Staff

Professional staff positions in the Redmond Police Department include the following:


Police Support Services Specialist – Records Unit **Click here to apply

  • Concealed Pistol License Applications
  • Records and case processing and management
  • Front desk customer service
  • Crime statistic reporting

 Property & Evidence Technicians 

  • Management and processing of evidence and property

 Program Coordinators

  • Public Records
  • Crime Prevention
  • Public Information Officer
  • Volunteer Coordinator 

 Emergency Communication Specialists (ECS) & Communications Supervisors  

  • 911 and other emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Communication and response management

 Domestic Violence Legal Advocate

  • Crisis assistance to victims of domestic violence and other related crime 

Crime Analysts 

  • Research and provide intelligence related to reported crimes and crime trends

Administrative Coordinator – Office of the Chief/Office Administration

Administrative Specialists - Criminal Investigations Division and the Hiring & Training Unit

Health Professional (MHP) 

  • Mental health crisis incident response and follow up

Support Services Manager  

  • 911 Communications, Records Unit, and Property & Evidence Department Manager
  • Civilian member of the department Command Staff

Serve your community and support law enforcement as a professional staff member for the Redmond Police Department.

Visit to view job openings. Redmond Police Department has many professional staff positions performing critical functions for the department.