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Banner image with Bring Your Own Cup campaign and an array of reusable cups

Grabbing coffee? Bring your own cup and join the Eastside Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) campaign!  You can help lead reuse efforts in your community by:

  • Remembering your own cup when you visit an Eastside coffee shop
  • Completing a BYOC passport and getting entered to win a reuse prize pack
  • Attending an event where you can enjoy free coffee, get a reusable cup* and sign the #ChooseReuse Pledge.

*While supplies last!

  1. Get Your Passport
  2. Attend an Event
  3. Why Reuse?

Complete your BYOC passport:BYOC Passport

  1. Pick up a BYOC Passport at an upcoming event or a campaign partner coffee shop; or download and print one now!
  2. Get at least 5 stamps - one for each time you visit a coffee shop and refill your cup. Partner shops will provide a stamp, or you can write in the location directly in your passport. 
  3. Submit your completed passport by emailing an image to

Participants with a complete passport (5 entries) are eligible to enter a raffle for a reuse prize pack, including stainless steel utensils, straws, to-go containers and a carrying case valued at $100. Drawings will take place on May 22nd, 2023. You must submit your passport by May 21st to be eligible to win. 

Help spread the word about where to BYOC and share on social media using the #ChooseReuse hashtag!


Banner image with Bring Your Own Cup campaign and an array of reusable cups

¿Vas por café? ¡Trae tu taza reutilizable y únete a la campaña Eastside Trae tu taza! Ayuda a reducir el consumo de contenedores desechables y apoya a tu comunidad.

  • Recuerda traer tu taza reutilizable cuando visitas una cafetería
  • Completa un pasaporte de la campaña Trae tu taza para participar en un sorteo de premios de reutilización
  • Asiste a uno de los eventos donde puedes disfrutar de un café gratuito, recibir una taza reutilizable* de regalo y firmar el compromiso #EscogeReutilizar.

* ¡Hasta agotar existencias!

  1. Consigue tu pasaporte
  2. Asiste un evento
  3. ¿Por qué reutilizar?

Cómo completar tu pasaporte de la de la campaña Trae tu taza:

  1. Obtén un pasaporte en alguno de los eventos o en una cafetería participante; o descarga e imprime uno en casa.
  2. Consigue al menos 5 sellos – cada vez que visites una cafetería y rellenes tu taza. Las cafeterías participantes en el programa te proporcionarán un sello, o bien puedes escribir la ubicación de la cafetería directamente en tu pasaporte.
  3. Envía una foto de tu pasaporte completo a

Los participantes que envíen su pasaporte completo (5 entradas) podrán participar en un sorteo de paquetes de reutilización que incluyen recipientes y cubiertos de acero inoxidable con valor aproximado de $100.

Ayúdanos a compartir las cafeterías que aceptan tazas personales con el hashtag #EscogeReutilizar en los redes sociales.

BYOC Coffee Shop Partner Locations

A special thank you to our BYOC partners! Bring your own cup to any of these businesses to receive a BYOC passport and stay tuned for special events and discounts.

Evergreen Blendz

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Interested in adding your local business to the campaign? Contact us at

The BYOC campaign is a partnership between the Cities of Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell and Kirkland and is funded in part by the Department of Ecology.

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Department of Ecology Logo

Questions? Email or call 425-556-2832.


40% of food in US household goes uneaten

An estimated 40% of wasted food in the US comes from our homes. Try a new strategy for reducing food waste in your kitchen to save money, time, and, most importantly, food!

Preventing food waste can be the first and easiest daily habit to modify. We can all do our part to love food and reduce waste. 

Strategies for Reducing Food Waste at Home

Plan & Prep

Fruits veggies

  • Create a realistic meal plan: Plan your meals and the quantity of food you'll need in advance to prevent over-buying ingredients.
  • Make shopping trips fun: On one of your grocery shopping days, find imperfect produce that may look weird on the outside but still delicious on the inside. Some stores have a particular area for discounted items – just ask!
  • Incorporate existing ingredients: Try out recipes that combine ingredients you have on-hand. Check out Big Oven or King County’s Food: Too Good to Waste Recipe Box to search for recipes
  • Stick to your shopping list: Buy only what is on your shopping list.
  • Prep food for later: Prep and store ingredients to save time and keep food fresh. 
  • You can eat that, too!: Try out recipes that use the produce parts that are typically thrown away, such as carrot tops, broccoli stalks, celery leaves, beets greens, cilantro stems, mushroom stems, etc.

Food Storage & Date Labels

Fruits veggies (1)

  • What is forgotten in your fridge?: Test your flexibility by reaching into the back of the fridge and use a forgotten (but still good) item in your next meal.
  • Portion your leftovers: Whether in the fridge or the freezer, store leftover food or ingredients in meal-sized portions using clear containers. Use your freezer to store ingredients you will not use right away. 
  • Using leftovers in new recipes: Come up with ways to reinvent leftovers with new recipes – enjoy a fun challenge to use what you have!
  • Freeze what you can’t finish
  • Store food to preserve freshness: Use a food storage guide to find the best way to store your produce to maximize its freshness.
  • Date labels are about the best quality, not safety. Check out the USDA’s Food Product Dating Fact Sheet and learn how you can identify if food has gone bad instead of relying on date labels.

Come up with your own way of reducing food waste!