Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC)

Grabbing coffee? Bring your own cup and help communities across the Eastside waste less and reuse more. Check out the map below for coffee shops where you can Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC)!

Why Reuse?

  1. Reusables are better for the planet: Over their lifecycle, reusable cups have lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to disposable alternatives.
  2. Reusables reduce litter: Transitioning to reusables helps prevent litter from ending up on the streets, in storm drains, and in rivers and lakes.
  3. Reusables are safe: Washington State Retail Food Code allows businesses to refill personal beverage containers. Reusables are safe and do not spread Covid-19.

You can feel good about doing your part to prevent pollution and other harmful environmental impacts! Learn more about the many benefits of reusables by visiting