156th Cycle Track

156 Cycle Track Project Map

Project Overview

This project will construct a two-way cycle track with separated sidewalk on the east side of 156th Avenue at two locations: from NE 28th Street to NE 31st Street and from NE 36th Street to NE 40th Street. As part of its refresh project, Microsoft will be constructing the track between NE 31st Street and NE 36th Street. In addition, the project will replace the existing sidewalk and provide a buffer from vehicle traffic.

Project goals include:

  • Provide a comfortable bicycle facility that attracts all ages and ability to bike on 156th Avenue NE
  • Improve bicycle access to the Redmond Technology Station
  • Extend Microsoft’s cycle track improvements
  • Increase connectivity in the bicycle network with connections at NE 28th Street, NE 31 Street, the Redmond Technology Station Bridge, and the NE 40th Street Shared Use Path
  • Provide adequate lighting for new path
  • Ensure ADA compliance