Planning Commission Meeting Materials

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July 28, 2021Briefing, Redmond 2050: Introduction to Universal / Inclusive Design | Memo, Attachment A-Inclusive / Universal Design Resources, Attachment B-NW Universal Design Council Brochure, Attachment C-UD Principles and Guidelines, Presentation

Briefing, Redmond 2050: Overlake & Urban Centers Policy Update Approach | Memo, Element Update Process Overview, Presentation

July 14, 2021Study Session: Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite | Memo, Presentation (revised)

Study Session, Redmond 2050: Themes | Memo, Attachment A-Themes 2.0, Attachment B-Themes flyers- Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Resiliency, Presentation

Study Session, Redmond 2050: Overlake Required Updates | Memo, PSRC Centers Checklist (draft), Presentation (revised)
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July 7, 2021Study Session and Potential Report Approval, 2021 Annual Docket: Education Hill Amendment and Land-Use Designation Change | Draft Planning Commission Report, Attachment A-Issues Matrix, Attachment B-Public Comment and Applicant Testimony, Attachment C-Technical Committee Report, Attachment D-Staff Analysis, Attachment E-Public Notice

Study Session, Redmond 2050: Transportation | Memo, Attachment A-Transportation Change Matrix, Attachment B-Policy Options & Alternative, Presentation

Briefing, Redmond 2050: Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Briefing | Memo, Attachment A-Growing Transit Communities Summary, Attachment B-Overlake Center Boundary Revision & TOD map, Presentation (revised)
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June 30, 2021Continuation of Public Hearing and Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: Education Hill Amendment and Land-Use Designation Change | Memo, Presentation

Public Hearing and Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: New Policy in Support of Affordable Commercial Space; and New Policy in Support of Affordable Housing | Memo (revised), Draft Planning Commission Report-Affordable Housing, Attachment A-Technical Committee Report, Attachment B- Public Hearing Notice; Draft Planning Commission Report-Affordable Commercial, Attachment A-Technical Committee Report, Attachment B-Public Hearing Notice, Presentation

Report Approval, 2021 Annual Docket: Expansion of Retail Marijuana Sales | Draft Planning Commission Report, Attachment A-Issues Matrix, Attachment B-Public Comment Matrix, Attachment C- Technical Committee Report (with attachments), Attachment D-Public Hearing Notice

Report Approval, 2021-2022 Annual Docket | Draft Planning Commission Report, Attachment A-Application Materials, Attachment B-Staff Analysis, Attachment C-Applicant Testimony Materials, Attachment D-Public Hearing Notice

Redmond 2050: Monthly Briefing-SEPA Environmental Analysis | Memo, Presentation
June 23, 2021Cancelled

June 16, 2021
Continuation of Public Hearing and Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: Retail Marijuana | Memo, Attachment A-Issue Matrix, Attachment B-Issue Matrix for 2016 Amendments

Public Hearing and Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: Education Hill Amendment and Land-Use Designation | Memo, Attachment A-Technical Committee Report, Exhibit A-Staff Analysis, Exhibit B-Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Exhibit C-SEPA , Presentation

Public Hearing and Study Session: 2022 Annual Docket | Memo, Staff Presentation, Applicant Presentations/Testimony: CIM Group, Redmond Town Center, Evans Creek, Public Safety Plan
June 9, 2021Public Hearing and Study Session: 2021 Annual Docket | Memo, Technical Committee Report, Exhibit A-Staff Analysis, Exhibit B-Proposed Comp Plan Amendments, Exhibit C-Proposed Zoning Code Amendments, Exhibit D-SEPA Determination, Presentation

Study Session and Potential Report Approval: 2021 Annual Docket, General Wastewater Plan | Memo, Draft Planning Commission Report

Study Session: Redmond 2050, Options & Alternatives for Housing and Economic Vitality | Memo, Attachment A-Housing Options and Alternatives, Attachment B-Housing Change Matrix, Attachment C-Economic Vitality Options and Alternatives, Attachment D-Economic Vitality Change Matrix, Presentation (revised)
May 26, 2021Public Hearing and Study Session: General Wastewater Plan update | Memo, Technical Committee Report, Q&A 

Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: Land-Use Designation Change | Memo, Ordinance 2579 Map, Ordinance 2930 Map, Presentation

Study Session, 2022 Annual Docket: Comprehensive Plan Amendments applications | Memo-2022 Applications, Memo-Public Safety Plan, Presentation

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050: Monthly Briefing | Memo
May 12, 2021Study Session, 2021 Annual Docket: Retail Marijuana | Memo, Attachment A-FAQ and Location Considerations, Presentation (rev)

Study Session, Growth Scenarios | Memo, Presentation (revised)
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April 28, 2021Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Police Functional Plan | Memo, Attachment A-Draft Redmond Police Department Functional Plan 2020-2040

Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Land Use docket item | Memo, Attachment - Avondale Map and Text Amendment-Land Use Map Designation Change, Presentation (revised)

Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Overview of Applications for 2021-2022 Annual Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments | Memo, Attachment A-Redmond Town Center Application Materials, Attachment B-CIM Group Application Materials, Attachment C-Evans Creek Relocation Application Materials, Presentation
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April 21, 2021Study Session, Annual Docket: General Sewer Plan update | Memo, Presentation, Attachment A-Draft General Sewer Plan, Attachment B-Executive Summary, Attachment C-Comprehensive Plan Policies

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050: Monthly Briefing | Memo, Presentation, Attachment A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, Attachment B-Business Roundtable Discussion Summary, Attachment C-Themes, Comments, Attachment D-Visioning Round 3 Summary (Design Elements)

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050: Quarterly update on the Transportation Master Plan update | Memo, Attachment A-Outreach Summary, Attachment B-Policy Considerations
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April 14, 2021Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Retail Cannabis, Affordable Commercial Space, and Affordable Housing applications | Memo, Attachment A- Applicant Proposal to expand retail marijuana, Attachment B-Staff Proposal for retail marijuana, Attachment C-Economic Vitality Element amendment proposal, Attachment D-Housing Element amendment proposal, Presentation (revised)

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050: Review of Required Updates, Housing and Economic Vitality Elements | Memo, Presentation
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April 13, 2021Annual Joint Meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission
Memo, Attachment A: 2020-21 PC Work Program, Attachment B: PC Rules - 2021 update,  Presentation

Mar 31, 2021Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Upcoming Schedule for Review | Memo

Staff Briefing, Annual Docket: Update to the General Sewer Plan | Memo, Attachment A - Executive Summary, Attachment B - Comp Plan Policies, Presentation

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050: Overlake Updates | Memo, Presentation
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Mar 24, 2021Staff Briefing, Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) and Growth Targets |Memo, Attachment A - Staff Presentation, Attachment B -King County Presentation, Attachment C - Draft CPPs, Attachment D - King County Staff Report

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050 Monthly Briefing | Memo, Presentation
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Mar 10, 2021CancelledN/A
Feb 24, 2021Study Session, Housing Action Plan, Implementation | Memo, Attachment A - Housing Action Plan v2, Attachment B - Questionnaire Summary Report, Attachment C - HAP (revised) Presentation, Attachment D - HAP Implementation Plan

Staff Briefing, Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite | Memo (revised), Presentation (revised)
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Feb 17, 2021Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050 monthly briefing | Memo, Attachment A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, Attachment B-SEPA Scoping Summary, Attachment C-SEPA Scoping Questionnaire Responses, Presentation

Study Session, Redmond 2050 themes | Memo, Presentation
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Feb 10, 2021CancelledN/AN/A
Jan 27, 2021

Staff Briefing, Redmond 2050 status update and next steps | Memo

Study Session, Transportation Master Plan | No meeting materials, continuation of discussion from January 13, 2021 meeting.

Study Session, Redmond 2050 existing conditions report | Memo, Land Use draft 1.0, Natural Environment draft 1.0, NR attachments-BERK Trends & Best Practices 1.0, BERK Existing Conditions report 1.0, Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, ESAP Impact Analysis, Presentation (revised)

Planning Commission Rules | Memo, Attachment A - PC Rules 2014, B - RMC 4.10 General Provisions, C - RMC 4.43 Planning Commission, D - Preliminary Draft PC Rules

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Jan 13, 2021Staff Briefing, Growth Targets & Allocations update | Memo, Presentation

Staff Briefing, Comprehensive Plan Amendment application fee changes |  Memo, Presentation

Redmond 2050 Existing Conditions Report | Memo, Transportation Draft 1.0, Capital Facilities Draft 1.0, Utilities Draft 1.0, Presentation

Study Session, Transportation Master Plan Update | Memo, Attachment A-Vision, Principles, and Strategies, Attachment B-Draft Policy Considerations and CAC Input, Attachment C-Public Outreach Summary, Presentation
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