Redmond Way / East Lake Sammamish Parkway Intersection Improvements

Photo showing project area for Redmond Way and East Lake Sammamish Parkway intersection improvements         

Project Overview

Regional growth over the last ten years has caused increased traffic demand on Redmond Way and East Lake Sammamish Parkway. The signalized intersection of these two arterials experiences high traffic volumes, long queues, and delays during the peak hours. To address this, the City of Redmond is redesigning this intersection in order to improve vehicle operations, add pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to each approach, and enhance safety for all modes.

The project will realign the travel lanes around this intersection to allow better bicycle connectivity and more functional phasing operations, rebuild the traffic signal to provide better visibility to all users, and allow large trucks to have the room to turn through the intersection without traveling over adjacent lanes. 

Work will include:

  • New channelization for each approach to the intersection
  • Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Curb and sidewalk modifications 
  • Modification to the traffic signal equipment, phasing, and timing