Project Overview

Construction of a five-story mixed use building with 91 residential suites, 8 apartment units, approx. 375 sf commercial, and 588 sf office,  and 44 parking stalls (includes 37 mechanized stalls).

Project Numbers: LAND-2020-00159 and SEPA-2020-01119

Project Type:  Type II Site Plan Entitlement

Public Notices
Notice of Decision (PDF)
Notice of Application (PDF)
State Environmental Policy Act (PDF)

Related Documents
Critical Areas Aquifer Recharge Report (PDF)
Geotech Report 3-4-2020 (PDF)
Open Space Plan (PDF)
Parking Study (PDF)
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Stormwater Report (PDF)
Traffic Study Phase 1 (PDF)
Utility Plan 3-9-2020 (PDF)