Targeted Safety Improvement Program (TSIP)


The mission of the City of Redmond's Targeted Safety Improvement Program is to identify existing and potential traffic safety problem areas and implement projects to reduce crashes, injuries, deaths, and their related losses through pro-active collision prevention, reactive collision response, and multi-modal safety consistent with the Transportation Master Plan.


The Targeted Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) carries out the policy direction in the Transportation Master. The key elements of the program help to identify existing and potential traffic safety problem areas and implement projects to reduce traffic collisions using proactive and reactive strategies. TSIP uses a systematic method to clearly identify, evaluate, and recommend safety projects that will be of benefit to the Redmond community.

Projects considered for TSIP funding come from several sources: 

  • Unfunded or underfunded Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program projects
  • High accident locations identified through the City's Collision Reporting System
  • Traffic requests from citizens 
  • Requests made via the City's Traffic Safety Committee
  • Unfunded or underfunded 6-Year TIP project
  • City staff-identified traffic safety needs based on future land development

Examples of completed Targeted Safety Improvement Projects

  • Northbound flashing sign on 140th Ave NE approaching NE 80th St
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Crossing at Trader Joe’s & 160th Ave NE
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Crossing and new ADA curb ramp on the Northwest corner of Bear Creek Parkway @ 166 Ave NE

Examples of future projects:

RRFB crossing and new curb ramps at:

  • NE 116th St and 159th Ave NE
  • 161 Ave NE and 81st St mid-block crossing
  • 180th Ave NE and NE 70th St

Unfunded Projects

  • Traffic Signal and pedestrian crossings at 151st Ave NE & NE 90th St
  • East Lake Sammamish Parkway and 187th Ave NE: Add a southbound left turn lane and widen to maintain bike lanes through the intersection
  • Willows Road and NE 91st St realignment
  • Pedestrian Signal or RRFB on 164th Ave NE at NE 87th St
  • NE 104th St- 179th Ave NE to 184th Ave NE traffic calming and pedestrian safety