Location of Growth

Redmond is going to continue to grow and we need you to tell us where you think the best place(s) are for new growth.  Part of the answer to the "where will growth go" question has been determined at the regional level, with the adoption of this policy: 

Attract 65% of the residential growth and 75% of the employment growth to the regional growth centers and high-capacity transit station areas. … focus development near high-capacity transit. 

What this means for Redmond is that a lot of growth will have to go into Overlake, Downtown, and Marymoor (the areas around the light rail stations). How that will be distributed between those areas and where the remaining growth will go is our current question.

How the model works

Play with the map options and see the impacts of your choices to choose where you think Redmond’s future growth should go. 

  • Do you think new growth should be concentrated in Overlake or spread out along some of our main streets?  
  • Does your idea meet our growth target or do you need to adjust your selections? 

Try out different options until you come up with a “model of growth” that you think is best for our city.  Play with the options, make the targets turn green, and submit your scenario with any additional comments!  

Growth Model - Enter image Opens in new window

Experiment with different options and provide comment on options for where growth should go using our growth model:

The choices you make will influence the creation of different growth alternatives, which will then be evaluated for impacts to sustainability, economic vitality, and equity to inform our Redmond 2050 policies.

Open the model 

  1. If the link above isn't working, copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://app.shapediver.com/m/redmond-public-engagement-tool-10 
  2. The hexagons on the model indicated less or more development, as controlled by “Model Parameters” on the right side of your screen. 
  3. Choose how much growth you would like to see in each area.  In the urban centers, you can choose low to very high development. In the model, urban centers includes ½ mile around each of the four the future light rail stations. Along the main roads, we are only considering low development options, so choose only the streets you’d like to see development on. 
  4. When “Growth You’ve Assigned” and “Growth You’ve Allocated in Downtown & Overlake” turn green, you will know your model has successfully incorporated all the required growth! 
  5. When you have hit your targets, submit your model with any additional comments. 

Different choices you make will change where growth will be assigned.  The darker the color the more growth will go into that area.  

Growth Model Gradient  

  1. Caroline Chapman

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 425-556-2442

  2. Beckye Frey

    Principal Planner
    Phone: 425-556-2750