Engagement Summaries

After each community involvement opportunity closes, staff will prepare and post summary documents to this site.  For questions, view our Q&A page or contact Redmond2050@Redmond.gov..  For committee input, see the Advisory Committee page for meeting summaries. 

Community Engagement Summaries

Quarterly Updates (starting 2Q 2022)

  • 1st Quarter - Overlake regulations, accessibility, Draft policies 
  • 2nd Quarter - Complete neighborhoods, Downtown, Marymoor, and SE Redmond
  • 2nd Quarter - Phase 1 Draft Policies
  • 3rd Quarter - Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Summer Engagement
  • 4th Quarter - Next Steps (Phase 2 kickoff) and Code Updates Testing

Community Workshop | Nov 2020

BIPOC & Small Business Focus Groups & Questionnaire


Visioning:  Gains & Pains 

Visioning: Design Elements

Visioning: Parametric Growth Model

Transportation Master Plan

SEPA Scoping Period Closed November 25, 2020

Code Revisions 

Overlake Testing - Comments Summary (thru 2-15-23)

Picture of Redmond neighborhood - caption: What will Redmond be like in 2050
  1. Beckye Frey

    Principal Planner