Natural Resources

The City’s natural systems include protection and enhancement of native habitats and tree canopy, habitat quality, and green spaces. Proper management of these systems can build community, enhance recreational opportunities, and ensure current and future generations have access to clean air, water, and habitat.

Tree Canopy

Redmond's character and main attraction for many residents is its trees, wooded areas, and urban forests. Learn about Redmond's Tree Canopy Plan, and how you can get involved.

Redmond Watersheds

The City of Redmond is divided into 20 watersheds, or areas that drain to a stream.

Streams & Habitat

Redmond’s streams, the Sammamish River, and Lake Sammamish are amazing resources. The City works hard to promote healthy streams and restore habitat.

Living with Wildlife

Redmond is home to several types of wildlife. Learn how to better co-exist with wildlife and take some simple steps to prevent unwanted encounters.